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This Ain't The Munsters XXX


This Ain't The Munsters XXX
08 c.e. Directed by Anton Slayer. Starring Lee Stone • Roxy Deville • Shawna Lenee • Trent Soluri • Gavin Wells • Jenna Haze • Whitney Stevens • Mick Blue • Evan Stone • Victoria Sin • Aiden Starr • Sammie Rhodes • Voodoo • website

Ɵbviously produced on a condensed budget, the costumes and sets are amateurish {gives the impression of gathering props from a Halloween store}, and the dialogue / plot is predictably weak, but this is to be expected from most erotic productions of the sort. The activity is rather rudimentary, focusing on clips rather than an overall storyline, but that is beside the point. The concentration should be on the attire, activity, and the attractiveness of the performers.

Key scenes

  • There allusions to "Lily Munster, Girl Model" in the very beginning, as a salaciously enthusiastic blonde pleasures herself with a glass phallus, which turns out to be either a veritable AHC created by Grandpa, or Grandpa in transformation. Up until that point, the scene seems rather gratuitous.
  • Seems Marilyn finally found a beau, enjoying themselves when he comes calling.
  • Eddie, now a young man, indulging in two Goth girls in a dark club via night vision, under the forbidden pretense of a 'hidden camera'. {Victoria Sin / Aiden Starr}
  • Another rather gratuitous scene involving two 'goth punkers' {reminiscent of The Misfits} having some fun in the boneyard. {Voodoo / Whitney Stevens}
  • Finally, to celebrate their 600th Anniversary, Herman & Lily picnic in the graveyard where he reveals his surprise, to their great mutual gratification. Seems Grandpa and Herman considerately went out of their way to acquire a very special gift for Lily, which she greatly appreciates. Of note, the subtle green tinting works very well in depicting the proposed pale green flesh.
Character analysis
  • Herman: Unfortunately, he is depicted more like a retard here, instead of the child-like, though responsible husband he is. Played by a muscular Lee Stone, which seems to work pretty well.
  • Lily: Played by the attractive Roxy Deville, it works very well here too. The fetishistic makeup and outfit {although oddly sans the pendent} makes the character for those who appreciate the 'gothic' beauty aesthetic.
  • Marilyn: A pretty good depiction of the 'normal'-appearing character {sort of reminiscent of "Sally" from "Davey & Goliath}, looking excessively 'wholesome', which does add a 'forbidden' appeal overall when she breaks free of the typical conventionality of the role, revealing quite the wild little minx. {Shawna Lenee}
  • Eddie: Grown up but still in the little suit. Barely acceptable, but whose howls make for an amusing scene. {Trent Soluri}.
  • Grandpa: Fortunately, no real involvement except as a more or less periphery character supporting Herman. {Gavin Wells}.

Bonus material include interviews with performers, making of featurette, blooper reel, director's commentary, photo gallery, & even a black & white version of the movie.

In the end, it seems that such a production was destined to be done, as have several others, including the much better made Maddams Family in this vain.

Overall, an amusing little parody for what it is, on the beloved series The Munsters, which is easily considered on its own merit {considering the nature of the production, it is easy to separate the two}, and which remains a frequent pleasure. ∞

* [4/5]

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