DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Black Leather Pants

From The Warlock's Wardrobe:

Leather pants received today. A very comfortable fit. Perfect for the "leather suit & tie" look, or casual wear, perhaps with a black poet shirt, and it looks great with a dress shirt as well.

This completes the entire ensemble of leather fedora, coat, necktie, vest, boots {& shoes}, & pants. Highly recommended accoutrement when in the mood for an enhanced fearsome aesthetic &/or dark fetishistic attire. In My opinion, every Satanist should own at least one pair*.

As de-regeur with leather clothing, be sure to order one size larger to properly fit your frame. ∞

* An option for women would be a black leather skirt.

Tags: aesthetics, black earth, dracumentary, possessions

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