Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Nox Arcana: Theater of Illusion

Nox Arcana; Theater of Illusion
XLV A.S. Monolith Graphics. Joseph Vargo, William Pietrowski, Christine Filipak, The Shadow Gregorian Choir. Genre: Classical, Instrumental, Orchestral.

The show is about to begin... the lights dim... Welcome to The Mysterium...

Ladies & Gentlemen... please open your programmes to reveal the cyphers within, and unlock the keys of Sorcery!

This opus is themed around the fine dark arts of illusion, of the body and mind, Lesser Magic applications, psychological manipulation, slight of hand, mentalism, prestidigitation, hypnosis, levitation, invisibility, necromancy, Alchemy, & much more, featuring a nice crossover into Greater Magic down in The Ritual Chamber, or Dungeon, if you prefer. Whereupon traversing deeper into the Abyss within, one discovers the true secrets of Magic...

The spotlight focuses on what your mind projects, a black mirrored stage, led by the omnipresence surrounding your darkest desires. You are summoned on a dark journey led by The Devil Himself in either a turban or top hat, robe or coat tails & tie, deep into the shadowy realm of dreams and nightmares, where one frequently transforms into the other.

Theater of Illusion is filled with haunting melodies, eerie narrations, & splendid artistry. A pleasure as always, an elegant presentation, diabolically decorated to please the senses, and an ideal atmospheric accent to open the gates & manifest those specters from the threshold of time and space.


Tags: malefick musick, multimedia, music, review

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