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The Munsters come home...

The Complete series

Coming in only second to The Addams Family in core essential comedic series in My estimation*, this presentation continually brings forth much amusement and joy. Box art features the beloved characters colorized in the dungeon, although most fortunately, the episodes themselves are rendered in original black & white as they should be, and just the way I like it. Featuring Herman & Lily on the covers for the first season, with Grandpa & Eddie for the second, the dungeon crypt opens in a tri-fold presentation to discs that are "blood red", and so is the logo, which is nicely embossed on the box.

There is an extra option to view episode "Family Portrait" in color, although some of the pastels can honestly get kind of irritating. Also included is the previously un-aired pilot starring the painfully gorgeous Phoebe as the proposed matriarch, bearing a striking resemblance to Morticia, and who might have been better preserved as a cousin, perhaps. Despite her beauty, her delivery falls flat, especially in comparison to Lily.

Of note, very pleased to see Disc six featuring BOTH films "Munsters Go Home" and "Munsters' Revenge"; plus "America's First Family of Fright" featurette {the history of the show & its societal relevance}, & biography presentations on Fred Gwynne: "More Than A Munster" {from Harvard to Herman}, Yvonne DeCarlo: "Guilded Lily" {from dancer to beauty pageants, to actress in such films as the temptress 'Salome, Where She Danced', to the '10 Commandments'}, Al Lewis: "Forever Grandpa" {from roustabout to burlesque & vaudeville (sounds rather familiar...), to political activist & restaurant proprietor}, each displaying the remarkable lives of these truly exceptional actors, when actors were actually interesting besides the roles they played, and truly deserved fame & fortune.

Visual and sound quality is flawless, which can be no less for this timeless treasure. So drop by whenever you like to 1313 Mockingbird Lane, there are many tricks and treats, and prepare for much fun & fright! ∞

* It seems that while The Addams Family concentrates more on a sophisticated level of humor, The Munsters appeals to a more child-like sensibility. More here.

Tags: multimedia, munsters, review, spechtreum

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