DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,


Latest acquisition - two deadly Martial Arts weapons known as the sai, which I have trained with in previous Ninjutsu instruction, and have employed this incredible weapon as a most ideal Ritual Sword as well. It is based upon the pitchfork with its origins in Nippon used in a myriad of purposes, so I thought it very appropriate for use in Magical Workings, and to incredible proven results! I may list a repertoire of Draconian Armory at another time, but for now, these 21 1/2 " black metal blades are indeed deadly, effective, and very aesthetically-pleasing.

Evocation: In High School, An Aunt bestowed Me her '68 Mustang as My first automobile, which upon acceptance, was white exterior/red interior - so of course, I just had to have it painted black and kept the red interior - it purred like a growling panther - well, I eventually took to placing My Satanic Bible in the inset compartment to My lower-right, and crossed above it, the sais I owned at the time - I also had shiroken throwing stars on My person too, but I digress. Anyhow, this is a most pleasing possession that shall be treasured.


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