Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

DANZIG: Dethred Sabaoth

DANZIG: Dethred Sabaoth
XLV A.S. Evilive; The End Records. Genre: Metal, Rock

"Can you feel it...?"

Danzig at his best. Named after the arcane spelling of Sabbath, there is something about this music that stimulates dark elements within. Detected are a little bit of Misfits, a bit of Samhain, with an evocatively morose, melodic voice, heavy, deep rhythms, One can hear the wolf underneath the full moon, the cool night gusts upon the flesh, the strength of body and mind merging as one. One can visualize these canticles being performed by a fire on a wicked night.

Dethred Sabaoth is a veritable resurrection, touching base with the primal rebirth elements in blood, granting impressions of Lucifuge and Danzig 1, moving forwards in reverse for core empowerment & subsequent evolutions.

Feel & hear the demon winds... The Mistress of Darkness there beckons, awaiting your indulgence; Grasping a candelabrum like a pitchfork, horned skull thereupon. She will lead you through a dark journey, in a steady progression, facing the abyss within, lighting the way towards an emergence in hellfire.

1. Hammer Of The Gods: An Invigorating introduction into the nightmarish, timeless unorthodoxy. Can you feel it?
2. The Revengeful: An almost muted, mesmerizing heavy beat overlain with squealing guitars and a rhythmic refrain.
3. Rebel Spirits: Double-bass accents this echoing reverberation to the tune of a heartbeat, concluding with a trailing somnambulence.
4. Black Candy: Falls right into the fray with more of,a concentration on harmony, actually using a single high pitched chord as part of the procession.
5. On A Wicked Night: An acoustic piece which one could picture being sung by a campfire, suddenly pushing into a memorable collaboration of the electrical instruments. Favorite.
6. Deth Red Moon: A definite favorite of this opus. A howling refrain accompanied by a steady beat, subtly accompanied by tambourines, & dramatic pauses.
7. Ju Ju Bone: A stronger focus on harmony, a memorable chorus, and extensive guitar work, where the instruments seem to be telling the story, with blending rhythmic vocals complementing them.
8. Night Star Hel: A sinisterly choppy beat, with driving waves overlapping, eventually cresting into a swifter hoof tapping beat. Another favorite.
9. Pyre Of Souls (Incanticle): A contemplative piece. Shades of Black Aria 2 here, with a stalking bass added & melancholy refrain, finger cymbals, much like a lullaby. An introductory instrumental to the next song...
10. Pyre Of Souls (Seasons Of Pain): Continues the previous song & picks up the harder version of the rhythm of Incanticle.
11. Left Hand Rise Above: Sounds like the retrospective conclusion of the story at the contemplative pace of an aftermath.

One can definitely hear the implementation of harder elements herein, from song construction to the more appropriate technology used, in order to achieve a certain overall apocryphal sound, which is accomplished. A perfect combination of horror, the occult, & erotica. Some of the best things in life.

Tags: danzig, malefick musick, metal, multimedia, review

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