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ACHERON: The Final Conflict (The Last Days of God)

ACHERON: The Final Conflict (The Last Days of God)
Ibex Moon Records; 2009 c.e. / 'Anno Armageddon'

Air sirens ring out across dark spotlighted skies, sonic battalions serve as a rallying call to those who would purge the earth of the white-light plague in all forms! ACHERON have not stinted one bit in ferocity or diabolical force. Songs range from a grinding doom-laden impression, to a double-bass intensity at times, driven by Crowley's misanthropic indignation (from the demonic to the spoken) Certain darkly stimulating sound effects are also implemented to accentuate the songs here and there; those familiar with the groups characteristic heavy style will be well pleased with this unleashing.

The theme for The Final Conflict is that of The Apocalypse, reminiscent of the film Omen 3. Songs progress from the rise of rebellion, to constructing the pact for infernal liberation, the realization of auto-deism, and finally onto a new age of Lex Talionis.

Cover art features a snarling Cerberus mounted upon a legion of corpses & skulls, to be released in all his bestial rage. His spiked collar displays the sigils of the enslavers soon to meet their doom. Complimenting the lyrics, the booklet features a hypothetical nefarious diatribe detailing the exploits of a secretive order named The Wolfen Society*, a proposed cadre of diabolists tilting the societal fulcrum serving as a historical balancing factor towards the preservation of mans primal nature.

The logo has been modified to display the appropriately militant iron cross. Along with Vincent Crowley on vocals & bass guitar, & Kyle Severn on war drums, TFC newly includes Maximus Otworth on Lead / Rhythm guitar, and Ash Thomas also on rhythm guitar, with instrumental guests participating from various bands.

As an added bonus, attached is a DVD directly from the band featuring the videos for I Am Heathen, the making of the album, and live footage from two Brazilian performances, along with the Satanic Supremacy demo.

Overall, another Strong, and ironically 'final?' chapter in the Acheron saga.

* Also the name of a previous musical project by the same name.

Tags: malefick media, malefick musick, metal, music, review, video

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