Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

DETHKLOK: Dethalbum II {Malefick Musick review}

'Brutal' hard-driving permutations demonstrate the true essence of Metal in this albeit fictional band, which ultimately seems irrelevant considering some of the surprisingly impressive materializations, ironically demonstrating many of the amusing stereotypical characteristics attributed to this genre. The music is actually very well done, as good as any professional band, pulling all those sonic strings with memorable melodies, sometimes complex arrangements, accentuating sound effects, accompanied by Nathan Explosion's rather versatile voice.

The DVD contains no less than 14 videos which transport one into a darkly imaginative hellish world of blood, gore, & mutilation, creating abysmal animated spectacles, which can be viewed individually or all at once in a stream of abominations from the 'Metalocalypse' show, punctuated by the band's lokian mascot "Face Bones", a disembodied spiked skull with strands of flesh attached, elucidating the viewer to some of the inner workings of the band, 'private outtakes', and the physics of "moshing" of all things, among other subjects.

The Deluxe edition features a platinum presentation akin to KISS' Double platinum album, in a tri-fold format with lyric booklet & art.

The crossover from parody show to album is a remarkable one, accomplished with flawless expertise. As the sequel to the mighty Dethalbum I, this release compliments it absolutely. Those who appreciate this genre will be pleasantly surprised with the humorous "decomposition", as it were, along with all the added perspective-lending comedic elements to boot.

Tags: comedy, malefick musick, multimedia, music, review, satire, videos

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