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Knight Rider Codex


Knight Rider Codex
Complete Collection; 24 discs

"One man can make a difference."

Having appreciated this series since forever, I was most pleased to acquire this comprehensive video codex for timelessly stimulating entertainment at one's leisure.

Cruising in recently to The Haunted Noctuary is the Complete Knight Rider collection, which could also be veritably named The Ultimate Collection, and The Knight Rider Codex, for it is just perfection; and here is why:

Every episode is preserved in this impressive attaché case-like sleek, glossy black box* shaped ever so slightly like the front end of KITT's front fender, complete with scanner, activated by pressing a button, which is accompanied by the theme. An overall futuristic impression. Already a gratifying experience which just gets better and better.

The DVD's & cases themselves are presented in slim, elegant black splendor, whereupon engaging the main menu, snippets of the series play along with the characteristic scanner moving with ones selection. Full descriptions on back in digital font, framed by a computer chip like border. The episodes are crisp and clear, with great sound quality,

Special features include interviews with cast and crew (The Hoff, series creator Glen A. Larson (who go at each other in an amusing repartee}, composer Don Peake, & stunt coordinator Andy Gill); an "owners manual" ("Autonomicon", detailing the various functions on KITT's interactive dashboard}; stills gallery, blueprints (of KITT, several sets, and The Knight Foundation Mansion, or the "Hassel Castle", for those so inclined; actually "Greystone"); and the forgettable film 'Knight Rider 2000' (which proves to be the "Addams Family Reunion" of this series).

So follow the adventures of this secretive vigilante (a veritable modern Black Knight**), and the wonder car KITT into the future of all possibilities. ∞

Knight Is Right!

* The card stock description attached lightly on the back should be removed carefully and preserved separately.
** It is interesting to note many of the parallels between Knight Rider and The Black Knight Batman {which incidentally, was never intended by creator Bob Kane to be so goofy as portrayed by the Adam West variation; but more akin to Tim Burton's portrayal}. Ironically, the Knight Foundation Mansion used in subsequent episodes is the very same location formerly used as Wayne Manor by the Batman series, as is the Batcave in Griffith Park for the "Burial Grounds" episode.

Addendum [Knerd Knotes]

The suspension of disbelief is a common experience when appreciating fictional presentations, however, viewing Knight Rider is a particularly stimulating experience for Me, for the simple fact that most of the environments filmed are recognized as personal haunting grounds, and otherwise very familiar locations. Which in My estimation, actually adds to the excitement of the viewing entertainment:

Knight & Knerd: First off, a glaring omission should be noted. One of My senseis Bill Ryusaki plays a lead role as one of the antagonists. The oriental gentleman with the mustache is uncredited. Also, the training area where Michael's confrontation / "test" takes place is actually an aerobics room at "Rocky's Racquet World", which featured not only racquetball courts, but said aerobics rooms, and a weightlifting / bodybuilding section on the second floor, where I attended gym for a time before relocating from the San Fernando Valley to the San Gabriel Valley, both of which are heavily filmed throughout this series.

Silent Knight: The highest concentration of familiar sights are spied herein. Most of the episode takes place in Covina, CA. I recognize very well the book store where I would purchase several "occult" books, the bank on the corner which Santa & the clowns robbed, and the Covina Theater where I saw many a film with girlfriends {most notably, "A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors", & 'New Nightmare'}. Not to mention that down one of the nearby streets was The Private Eye, a favorite music store I frequented quite often. That whole thoroughfare is quite an evocative contemplation. The flower shop is actually right across the street from the Fox Theatre {I particularly recall "Scream", and several others}, and The Tastee Freeze was also frequented from time to time. Also, the Police station depicted is actually The Covina Police Department. Though most of the rest of the series' natural environments take place on Mulholland Drive & sections of Griffith Park, the wilderness scenes in this episode appear to take place in Azusa Canyon, as the bridge KITT crosses is very recognizable.

Deadly Knightshade (guest starring Lance Burton): Many portions of this episode take place in Covina & surrounding areas as well. Especially notable is the scene where the hearse wrecks, right on the corner of North Hollywood Park, across the street from The N.H. branch Library {due North, which features a statue of Amelia Earhart} & Recreation Center, and the YMCA I attended across the street to the East of the camera angle, which can briefly be seen right before the collision takes place. That park is where campers gather for arts & crafts, games, and beginning and ending points for field trips.

A Nice Indecent Little Town: "Alpine Crest" is actually Covina and West Covina. It is amusing to watch how this town is depicted as some remote location. Even some of the side streets, structures {most notably, the Covina Bowl bowling alley, & the small park where Farmer's Market events are held on select weekends}, and parking lots are recognizable. The producers really did a fantastic job depicting downtown Covina as a remote township, and for the benefit of the viewing amusement, it may as well be.

Merchants of Death: Most notably the location where Knight picks up Camela is just across the street from St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church / School {K-9} in North Hollywood on the corner of Lankershim & Moorpark, where I attended Jr. High, can be clearly seen, and is only a few scant blocks from Universal Studios.

Diamonds Aren't A Girl's Best Friend: A portion of this was filmed at Travel Town Museum in Griffith Park {a Dracling haunt}, in the scene where Knight visits, who even climbs into one of the cars, by where the models are posing on Train '664'. ∞

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