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NIGHTWORLD (part 2: Nocturnal Living)

Part 2: Nocturnal Living

So it seems to be getting hotter in certain segments of the nation. Such is the unfortunate nature of remmus, so how is one to modify living for the best possible and comfortable result? Besides migrating to cooler climes, I propose night living, which many Satanists already enjoy, but now on a wider scale. Yes, unfortunately many shoppes close in these blissful nocturnal hours, where one may have to diurnally venture forth if needs be, but this need not always be so.

Fortunately, darklings of all persuasions can shop through the interwebs to acquire desirable items, thus avoiding the herd and lightmare prole-iferation, but what about other obligations and responsibilities? 24-hour establishments are appreciated, but scant.

Just recently I saw the herd slugging to and fro under the blazing heat of the sun, sweltering and commonly complaining all the while. They have no one to blame but themselves. In a time of monetary conservation, air conditioners drone on consuming electricity. While sleeping, this may be minimally necessitated, as biological functions are on hibernation mode, where a fan can be used. The solution? Again, night living, particularly for remmustime. I can attest to its benefits.

During the day in remmus, solar radiation may be collected for night time usage, so that the city may awaken with all the electricity it needs for proper illumination. Likened the idea of so-called "daylight savings time"*, typical sleeping patterns may be modified to suit evening hours, then switch over to daytime living the rest of the year. There may be some temporary "jet lag" at first, but easily overcome.

Another alternative may be the increased construction of sub-terranian dwellings which are naturally cooler, as well as increased placement of fluora and fauna for shading and cleaner air**. Instead of removing natural resources for pavement & concrete, instead integrating such, where businesses may be inlain into a grove of trees, for instance. There are some venues arranged in similar manners, and they are beautiful, also contributing to the aesthetic value of the environment.

This idea may be applied internationally for best results. Consider the Northern and Southern hemispheres of the earth. The seasons are in opposing polarities; likewise, healthier living may be appropriately modified to suit the natural order with slumber alteration, thus, an evolutionary principle.

Hypothetically, why is Dracula so youthful and vigorous? Well, besides just BEING youthful and vigorous, staying out of the sun, indulging erotically, fine tastes, etc. A Vampire's schedule is preferable, with certain select practices reserved for the few...

Overall, regarding remmus, Daytime = sleep. Nightime = awake.

More and more as the future becomes the present, we see technologies develop and open up to opportunity. It behooves the superior man to take advantage of all resources and tools to perfect existence and increase indulgence. ∞

[NOTE: Part 1 can be found in The Devil's Scroll HERE & HERE]

* Perhaps "night-time savings time" should be applied.
** Ever been to a cemetery during the day? Being framed in trees, it always seems to be at least ten degrees cooler therein.

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