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Ionic Pollution Solution

Much ado has been posited about man-made 'air pollution'. I propose a solution to this pollution. It is relative to the dynamics of an ionizer. Ionizers have been dispensed and are purchasable for small locales such as rooms in homes, but this "microcosm" can be extended to a macrocosmic sense as dispensed into the atmosphere.

Ionizers operate in this fashion: Ions with a positive charge {posions} are naturally attracted to ions with a negative charge {negions}. Ions attach themselves to particles in the air, then are drawn earthwards according to the opposing charge of the landscape. In the case of an ionizer, they are drawn into the filter which contains miniature electrodes where they are collected to be disposed of upon the next cleaning.

In nature, thunderstorms inundate the atmosphere with negionic proliferation. The sensation of invigoration are these negions being absorbed by the body*. The clean scent in the air combined with pavement and/or rich wet soil emerges when atmospheric pollutants are drawn down to the ground, wherein one may perceive these olfactory stimulants from such a purification.

Stealth craft may quietly initiate "negionic pulses" at small intervals at a time across short distances, especially in heavily urbanized areas, with the same principle of the ionizer; which perhaps may increase the probability of a storm to manifest, which will of course further purify the environment**. Just high and intense enough so as to not disrupt electronic devices or internet currents; while promoting increased health by energizing / strengthening the populace at the same time!

Water Pollution

Those familiar with the common ion effect, can understand how its dynamics may also activate in liquid environments to alleviate something like, say, an oil spill for instance, by attracting opposing charges to one another, thereby effectively magnetizing the crude to the ocean floor, much more rapidly than allowing regular aquatic physics to operate, without harm to sea life, and minimizing further detriment caused by the initial turmoil.

After all, if an accidental disaster is caused by a man-made source, a man-made source should rectify the problem. ∞

* Which certain studies have concluded also motivates increased healing and stimulation of the immune system.
** If such a program is enacted, simple lightning rods may be placed about the vicinity so as to prevent any unlikely bursts, which will both absorb the current as well as store the electricity for home usage.

Tags: essay, nature, science, social commentary, technology

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