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Humane Society: Black Cat Adoptions On Hold Until After Halloween

Black Cat Maze

LOS ANGELES -- A local humane society placed a hold on black cat adoptions until after Halloween, the group said Monday.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles takes similar action every Halloween in an effort to head off possible harm to the felines, which are associated with bringing bad luck.

"... Many people have ulterior motives when adopting black cats." said SPCALA president Madeline Bernstein. "It is a shame that all the myths and superstitions about black cats have made them targets, and it is simply not safe to allow these adoptions around this holiday."

In the past, Halloween-related mistreatment of black cats has ranged from using them as party props to sacrificing them during satanic rituals, according to the society.


As for Me and My black cat, I will make sure he is very well cared for, protected, and loved.

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