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Sir George's Smorgasbord Royal Buffet


NOTE: The following establishment closed as of XLIV. Its resurrection should be imminent. Arise! Review constructed for evocations' sake.

Sir George's Smorgasbord Royal Buffet

Sir George's Smorgasbord Royal Buffet
(Theme: Medieval}

One can almost hear the trumpet fanfare when approaching this establishment, with the logo of a knights helmet within a trapezoid, Old English lettering, stone walls, & black spear like spires ascending straight up to the sky!

Before Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament (from which it may have been inspired), or even Excalibur, Sir George's Smorgasbord Royal Buffet is a medieval total environment restaurant featuring suits of armor, weapons on the wall, period decor, ornate carpeting, wallpaper, flickering electrical candlelight, attractive waitresses (a feast for the eyes), and best of all, the all you can eat buffet!

Sir Goerge's Smorgasbord Royal BuffetFeaturing many dishes from various European (Italian, Polish, Dutch), to Chinese, to traditional American fare, just take your pick and fill your plate! Dine like a king or queen at lavishly decorated tables & carved chairs in stylish lambent surroundings assuring one a most pleasant and stimulating repast.

In a cheap fast food society, it behooves the dining connoisseur to experience likened lands of multi-sensory delights. Unfortunately, these have disappeared into the mist*, so if you happen upon this culinary kingdom one day during thy journeys, lo, it is not merely a mirage, but take the opportunity and feast sumptuously before returning on your quest! ∞

Rating: 5/5.

* These were located in North Hollywood, Long Beach, Arcadia, and one in Arizona. Fortunately, likened and other themed environments exist for those with a finer sense of aesthetics and taste.

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