Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Blue Velvet

Written & Directed by David Lynch. Starring Dennis Hopper {Frank Booth}, Isabella Rossellini {Dorothy Vallens}, Kyle MacLachlan {Jeffrey Beaumont; as Kyle Maclachlan}, Laura Dern {Sandy Williams}, Hope Lange {Mrs. Williams}, Dean Stockwell {Ben}, George Dickerson {Detective Williams}.

A fantastic, action-filled, intense Noiresque thriller about a "joe citizen" named "Jeffrey Beaumont" {"well, howdy neighbor"} is pushed to the brink of insanity, as he stumbles across the night creatures inhabiting the underside of a Norman Rockwellian North Carolina suburb. The counter-culture; the flip side.

He comes upon a human ear decomposing in a field as he walks to & from from visiting his elderly relative in the hospital, who was seemingly attacked by his water hose as he was watering the lawn one bright sunshiny day. The denizens lurking in the black earth are always prepared to take their due.

This film really manages to present the polarities between seemingly "wholesome" Americana & "unwholesome" Americana, as it were {the Dream & the Nightmare}.

Dennis Hopper portrays a most convincing sadistic crime boss addicted to nitrus oxide, who takes long, deep inhalations to magnify the thrill of the kill &/or sensual indulgence {often, one in the same}, which is always very graphic. He literally stuffs blue velvet in his victims' mouths as a calling card. Of his murders, the most notable was the execution of two Police officials - one with the material crammed in his mouth, & the other, standing dead with an electrical current running through the corpse. Now THAT'S creative! It rivals even Hannibal Lechter's imaginative killings.

Isabella Rosallini plays a tasty nightclub {'The Slow Bar'} dish whose prime number is, not surprisingly, "Blue Velvet" - which, after you learn more of the character's traumatic personal life, becomes much more haunting, as she is indeed a tortured soul.

She & "Jeffrey Beaumont" {MacLachlan} enjoy a tryst together, after she rapes him at knife-point, but he soon learns to compensate for his normalcy by indulging her fetish - sex & violence.

Interspersing the more dramatic/climactic moments in the movie {there are many}, are telling appearances of a dancing flame vigorously flickering upon a black candle accompanied by magnified infernal sounds {the black flame of life}, the protagonist growling bestially in dream sequences, a raging wall of lustful fire igniting the kundalini. Very Satanic. Thus is director David Lynch's style, as can be seen in favorites such as "Twin Peaks" & "Lost Highway".

Well, the villain discovers Jeffrey exiting from {Rossellini's} residence, after some particularly passionate sex, & takes them both for "a ride" {a Noir term meaning "swimming with the fishes", i.e., death}, but not before stepping by a favorite bar {what a sport!}. Of note, one of this author's favorite artists' song "In Dreams" by Roy Orbison is used as a prelude to the frivolity with Jeff. Jeffrey is subjected to mental as well as physical torture for a few hours, until beaten unconcious {not without good reason, of course}, & left in some desolate industrial section in the outskirts - he is truly fortunate to have not been executed.

Also keep in mind that he was deceiving a hometown girl {sort of an inconsequential foo (played by Laura Dern)}, but he could not fool the experienced fox, who makes them both pay for their lies.

{Dern}, a foo for sure, remains with him through the ordeal {that's true love!}. She represents the love interest / the "angel", whereas {Rossellini} represents the she-devil / succubus, or "lust interest", if you will. Between them both, is an amalgam of the "Madonna / Whore" dynamic analyzed by Freud.

Two worlds collide, & he walks the fine line between them, experiencing the pains & the pleasures of both.

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