Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Nightmares for Xmas...

It occurred to Me this night, in the spirit of The Nightmare Before Christmas, that for this impending Winter Solstice, instead of the stereotypical snowman, why not extend this idea to incorperate amusing images of Halloween thereupon? For instance, a "Snow Witch", or "Snow Devil", or "Snow Vampire" - just by merely applying the appropriate modifications to the common snowman by adding a hat & broomstick, horns, tail, & pitchfork, fangs & widow's peak, physical characteristics, etcetera, even utilizing food coloring. It would be fun and imaginative, and definitely attract attention.

Conversely, for those who frequent the beach, the same applications may be used, except with sand. "Sand Witch, Devil, Vampire", etc.

If anyone reading this would be so gracious as to provide photos of your Halloween Solstice creations, I would be pleased to publish them in The Devil's Diary and on Shadowmantium.

Tags: halloween

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