DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Night Light...

In the wake of Walpurgisnacht, while enjoying the night at Satan's Hollow, I desired to experience a strong breeze, and concentrated upon feeling it brushing over My flesh, calling upon the name of Lucifer, the symbolic Hellement of Air, when a breeze did transpire, but what should appear a little while later, but what appeared to be a phosphorescent grayish mist at a distance of a few feet. A flash in the air {likened "ignis fatuis / Willow The Wisp"}, like lightning accompanied with a pleasant sensation. I received the impression of fortuitous things to come, a Satanic Blessing, confirming a previous Working, similar to the sensation I received when I once "asked" The Forces of Darkness to grant Me Power one Walpurgisnight at a former Lair, which was shortly met with a strong gust of wind suddenly manifesting from a still night.

I realize this as a projection from one's psyche reflecting upon the atmosphere according to The Will, utilizing emotionally-inducing symbology causing desired reverberation, and otherwise a natural phenomena often termed "ball lightning". ∞

Tags: black book of shadows, greater magic, nature, paranormal, parapsychology, tales from the shadowside, walpurgisnacht


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