DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Walpvrgisnacht XLV A.S.

Walpurgisnacht XLV A.S.

We celebrate this hell-day of observation in remembrance of the founding of The Church of Satan; in the tradition of ancient festivals of flesh, as The Dark Force swells and the night gaunts course across the black earth... The Shadow Elite reign supreme! We celebrate our victories and accomplishments, indulge in fine epicurian delights, and magnify our existence according to The Omnipotent Will!

Here's to ever-growing Power on all levels of being, in endless regeneration and enrichment! ∞

World Without End! Hail Victory! Hail Satan!


In Nomine Satanas,
Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
The Havnted Noctvary
Walpvrginacht XLV A.S.

This Night... of Nights!

Forests glow with spectral lights - this night, this night!
Wicked laughter, demonic delight! This night... this night!
Walpurgis Winds carry spells in fire cast - this night, this night!
Dancing devils, ladies, fellows - this night, this night!
Feast of Beasts, Malefick Mvsick - this night, this night!
Strength through joy, carnal pleasures - this night... of nights!

A babe in darkness born by vernal squall - this night, this night!
Hell Gates part, unspeakable creatures crawl - this night, this night!
To join us here amidst the pyre - this night, this night!
With burning meats, libations' fire! - this night, this night!
Horns arise, wings of shadow - this night, this night!
Gather forth at Satan's Hollow - this night... of nights!

Sabbath bells at dusk and dawn - this night, this night!
Phantom figures, candles flicker - this night, this night!
Mighty voices, choral echoes - this night, this night!
Reposing beauty, memento mori - this night, this night!
Besse Infame, Introitus - this night, this night!
Infernal Blessings for The Mighty - this night... of nights!

Tags: holiday, poem, poetry, satanic serenades, seasonal, walpurgisnacht

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