Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

..."It's the Monster House"!

The Noctvary by Draconis Blackthorne

I was recently amused to hear some of the local herd spawn appropriately refer to The Noctvary as "The Monster House". It was actually rather charming, and made My night; but it certainly was not the first time. Indeed, every towne has one. My Lairs have also been referred to as the 'Devil House', 'Satan House', and of course, a 'Haunted House', by adolts as well as little children alike.

The front door plaque bearing "Gorgo" the demonic gargoyle reads "Unwelcomed", a skull hangs high from a hook about the front porch, we are nocturnal by nature, the various nefarious entertainments float out upon the night gusts, the various colored lights, and candle light, the gloom, the scent of incense, shadows moving across the overgrown back yard to Satan's Hollow in the dark by the twisted tree, howling hounds, calling owls, screeching bats, cobwebs, etc., even 'grave markers' commemorating various beloved animals excarnate. It's all here, for real.

As a matter of fact, last Halloween's birthday I overheard a neighbor mention something to the effect of "...that's a real vampire." Absolutely, and they have no idea.

Also overheard from time to time are the words "vampire", "devil", "Satan", "scary", "evil", among others, which are quite complimentary, even factual in many respects, all of which suits Me just fine. It is pleasing to know that The Lair can inspire such wonder in them, which is in turn empowering. ∞

Tags: black earth, decor, diary, dracumentary, noctuary, total environment

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