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Vernal Equinox XLV A.S.

Vernal Equinox XLV A.S.

The Garden of Dark Delights by Draconis BlackthorneSeason Leviathan crests upon the horizon now, as the land becomes fertile with lushness and bounties galore. Cornucopias overflow with sweet carnal delights! While blossoming Nature lurches towards the sky... Belial sups deeply the elixer of strongest life!

Satyrs, nymphs! Incubi & Succubi! Arise in the mind, cast upon the tides, to spark the serpentine flame! Blushed upon the carnal canvas, the pleasures of the flesh in The Devil's name!

Omnipotent words are spoken in shadowed lairs to manifest secret desires according to The Almighty Will materialized. Thoughts unto reality, deeds both great and small, celebrate The-Is-To-Be, magnified by The One-In-All! ∞

Hail Satan!


Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
Vernal Equinox, XLV A.S.
The Havnted Noctvary, Satan's Hollow

Tags: equinox, seasonal greetings

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