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I-THEIST: None Are Equal

I-THEIST: None Are Equal CD

I-THEIST: None Are Equal
XLIV A.S. by Citizen Shigalyov Weltenfeind. Kulturkampf. Available in CD & digital download. Genre: Darkwave

"I Am The Devil, and I Am here to do The Devil's work."

I-Theist. The term for one who dares place oneself upon a pedestal of deserved pride. A Luciferic principle of auto-deism wherein one is one's own carnal God. The be all, end all, of all.

The skull of mortality there presented contains the Wolfsangel / Wolfshook rune (Eihwaz lightning bolt derivation) symbolizing a talisman of power representing nature in perfect balance. The will materialized; "as above, so below".

One piece blends into another, like subtle shades of phantom specters moving in the dark.

I-THEIST: None Are Equal (digital download)I. The Devil's Work: An eerie introduction to the opus quoted from The Devil's Rejects sets the mesmeric black tone towards satanosonic gratification.
II. Lex Satanicus: Piercing pulsations of deep resonance permeate the senses like merciless blasts from a techno-demon's rhythmic hell hammer.
III. None Are Equal: A meditative piece concentrating upon stratification.
IV. Revenge & Justification: The sound of impending doom descending upon the deserving.
V. Storm of Blood: Fluidic impressions course through the ether accompanied by tones of nefarious transmission.
VI. Youth of Iron: Megalithic sounds of echoing metallic movement scrapes and plunges within courts of stone arranged in a harmonic configuration.
VII. The Age of Fire: Sporadic whispered narrations amidst a raging black inferno where iconoclastic ideas are forged.
VIII. Awakening - The Cold Shower: Hard-driving industrial/metal-style permutations accompanied by various vocal reverberations.
(IX). The Rites of Lucifer.

Whether as an underlying environmental compliment, or particular contemplation, this work and others from I-Theist are ideal for select ritualization and meditation. Allow these nefarious muses to wash over you like waves of a shadowy embrace.

* Also available from I-Theist: Vigilante of Satan. The Night of Retaliation.


Tags: malefick musick, multimedia review


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