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Halloween Decorating

Concluded with some Halloween decoration for today, which will be eventually followed up with some photographs. Here at The Noctuary, we have a wonderful tree in the front yard, which provides with refreshing shade from the lightmare - its rustling of leaves emit that certain seasonal music as the breezes blow to and fro; so we decided to adorn it with images of Halloween fare, such as the spider, the phantasm, the 'witch', and the Jack o' Lantern - indeed, likened chinese lanterns upon that Halloween tree. A novel idea I have not seen done yet, except in miniature model form, yet this seems much more impressive, acting as a veritable beacon to the Halloween 'spirit'; Upon a couple of black-framed windows, some decals depicting a ghoulish revery; in the back yard, I affixed a heretical crucified skeleton {likened the image to the right} which seems strangely appropriate, establishing a veritos depiction of the true nature of that particular icon, which actually occurred to Me after I had contemplated placing the bony fellow in a perfectly placed angle which I felt necessitated an accessory, and now the secondary meaning may provide for some peculiar contemplation.

Updates October 9th, XXXIX Anno Satanas: While venturing out front to snap some shots of The Halloween Tree, I noticed the neighbor's children have taken to decorating their own tree with Halloween imagery - in their case, tissue-paper ghosts hung from strings. Rather cute, actually.


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