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Nefarious Newsletter V.149


I. Quotations: Daniel Burnham, Dan Quayle, Terry Josephson.
II. Nefarious News:  School Has Never Been This Fun!, Leroy Brown's Still Bad, Dinner Turns Fowl For One Family, Will
White Castle Have to Serve Up Some Cash?, Neo-Nazi does Not See, The Case of Aunt Jamima, Chubby Cops Sacrificed to the Volcano, Reach Out and Scold Someone, "Big Poo" Makes a Big Splash!, Drunk Woman Attacks Co-Pilot In-Flight, This Is Why You Always Choke the Chicken, Sex Toy Arouses Airport Security's Attention, One's Trash is Another's Treasure, Scissors Sewn Up In Woman's Chest, Jesus Causes Acne Down Under, Don't Forget the Motor City, No Breast; No Marriage, Blind Beauty Contest Judge Sees Inner Beauty, What's In My Pants This Time?
III. Interesting Facts & Foibles: Bizarre Short-Lived Marriages, Bizarre Insurance Claims, Bizarre Laws in Illinois.
IV. The Black Earth: Scareplex, OGUNQUITFEST.
V. Hell's Bar & Grill: Marinated Steak Dinner.
VI. Wicked Words: pettifogger, didactic.
VII. The Devil's Web: Strange Reports, The 13 Satanic Bloodlines.
VIII. The Shadow Gallery: Vampiricon {enhanced cover}.

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