DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Fire From Within

The Fire From Within
XLII A.S. by Magister Nemo

What you should know...

Arriving from somewhere in the deeps of the South Pacific, comes this essential text intended for the elite to contemplate.

I have had the pleasure of reading Magister Nemo's essays ever since I discovered The Black Flame magazine at a local Tower Records store even before My formal affiliation with The Church of Satan, and they have always been an educational and inspirational experience complimenting My own devilution. I do appreciate them from time to time when perusing My collection of these priceless compendiums of wisdom. And to consider that not only were these elucidating works that I had already absorbed would be made available in book form, but to discover several previously unread and unavailable writings was just a tremendous opportunity to acquire these essays from The Black Flame spanning from issue one and beyond.

To the Satanist, this tome is an absolute MUST to possess, in My estimation. The Fire From Within offers trinary perspectives enhancing ones Satanic psychology, is just a literary treasure filled with gems of knowledge and is cause to ponder. Included are relations on everything from meeting Magus LaVey, witty observations throughout, satire, customized rites, musings on society and the herd, gun control, blindlighters, weakans, politics, even a Saturnalia carol!, and so much more, all with an enjoyable sage style worthy of integration.

As a Satanist, one has probably already considered similar issues and encountered similar circumstances, but to have this in ones library benefiting from its gnosis, certainly grants one an undeniable edge in superb carnal existence; vita Satanicus.

From the image of the author on the cover, to the revealing introduction by Magus Gilmore, which lends a delightful historical elucidation, this literary journey into a veritable nautilus is well rewarding, as one can literally feel the black flame stirring and undefiled wisdom sharpening. Do yourself a favor and do not miss this.

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