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Halloween shopping

Fearsome Faces

Devil's TridentSome wonderful new acquisitions for The Noctuary: There are certain items which are more readily available this time of year which can compliment the Satanist's Lair, and I took full advantage of this today when I ventured over to a 'Party Supply' store which turns into a Halloween Emporium in these sacred months, and I was pleased to possess the splendid mask displayed above - and being a collector of Horror-themed artifacts and paraphernalia, I have thus added this to My goal of amassing enough masks to each represent an Infernal Name, and I believe I have found "Belial" - every time I have sketched My archetypal projection of this Prince of Hell, He always seems to have the upthrust fangs and plenty of hair, almost likened a werewolf or another such demonic forest beast, and thus, the last mask in stock of its kind, with most others being rather goofy or inferior quality, this dark gem comes forth. He now reposes high on the wall, in his wisened and diabolical gaze, and is also sort of a totem. Also while searching through the masks, I was apalled to discover a new line of masks bearing an erzatz devilish countenance mixed with a sort of "ghetto" or "gang" lowly appearence. Here are a couple of examples: 1, 2. Personally, I find these to be irrelevant and repugnant depictions of the diabolic - cheap allusions to lower-life forms, and once again, in My estimation, completely inappropriate.

Also of note, to compliment the psychodrama of The Lair, I picked up a fog machine, strobe light, and a blacklight fixture, which now adds a much more enhanced atmosphere, and as a tip to Magicians, is a wise acquisition for use in rites, considering it lights up pages marvellously without depleting the necessary darkness.

Have a Fetishistic Halloween!

Another thing I did notice about this Halloween, is that there seems to be more of an effort placed into it this time around - a lot more imaginative items {such as that trident above} and costumes have surfaced - and those costumes are quite fetishistic as well - I Am gratified to see that most and all of the female costumes are quite carnal and erotic, and display cleavage quite nicely - veritably, these can be used as fetishistic attire the year though, not limited to only one time a year. A good indication can be divulged by observing the Frightshop. Sexy witches, tumescent devils, sensual maidens, salacious queens, randy princesses, tempting angels, sweet sorceresses, and gothic lovelies. Quite the treat! And I have just the trick...

Warlock Devil

As an aside, upon perusing through a catalog which arrived in the Hell-Post, I spotted this interesting mask entitled "Devil Warlock", and it was mentioned that it sort of resembles Me! There are certain features, I suppose...

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