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Nox Arcana: Winter's Eve

Nox Arcana: Winter's Eve
{XLIV A.S. Monolith Graphics. Genre: Orchestral, Instrumental, Dark Classical}

Winter's Eve by Nox ArcanaWith the howling of hell hounds blending with that of blustery winds, what is this that the Krampus brought forth on this fortuitous Krampusnacht? In his big black basket, along with switchels and thorny reeds, is one Winter's Eve CD by Nox Arcana...

Like Winter's Knight, Winter's Eve calls to mind evocations of all those wintery traditions, while the Magic of the season comes alive like first snow when the orchestrations permeate the chilled atmosphere, glowing in the black light of the moon.

As a veritable companion to The Knight on the previous solstice opus, the pleasing cover features the beautiful Queen of Winter coalescing with owl and wolf beneath the silvery ghostly moon as snowflakes gracefully cascade upon the land, blanketing the earth in a white shroud of ice and snow. Dreamlike frosted visions embrace the senses in an enchanted forest elegantly illustrated throughout the booklet.

Along with the eclectic nucleus of Joseph Vargo, the remarkable musical materializations of William Piotrowski, Nox Arcana forms a complimentary quartet, as Christine Filipak lends her voice to the introductory narration "The Messenger", with the title track featuring the vocal talents of Jeff Endemann. A familiar piece in Green Sleeves adds an extra arcane element, and of course, the phantomesque permeation of the Gregorian Shadow Choir echoes darkly across the cathedral of the mind throughout.

As Season Belial transforms to Lucifer, Winter's Eve offers perfect accompaniment to one's nocturnal activities in these cold blissful nights by the yule fire. Have a splendidly sinister Solstice! ∞

Tags: dracmas, malefick musick, multimedia reviews, music, satanalia, solstice, winter

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