DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Deals with The Devil!

Make a deal with The Devil!

Beginning on "Black Friday", while the herd cluster and stampede at malls to get in those last minute purchases, even literally beating each other for the latest trend, Blackthorne Productions offers a deal with The Devil from the comfort of your Lair, just in time for Yuletide acquisition. Two of Warlock Blackthorne's books are being offered at a reduced price:


  • DRACOMEROTH {Opvs Satani}: $20.00
    Greater & Lesser Magic, philosophy.
  • MALEFICK MEDIA {Opvs Lvciferi}: $20.00
    Multimedia reviews from a Satanic perspective.

    Both formerly $27.00, now $20.00 each! Even though "Satan Claus" provides the year through, this would be a wonderful opportunity to possess these infernal tomes for your reading pleasure.


  • Book: THE DEVIL'S SCROLL {Opvs Diaboli}: $27.00 soft cover. $36.66 Hard cover.
    Philosophy, misanthropy, essays, social commentary.

  • Book: SATANIC SERENADES {Opvs Noctvm}: $18.00
    A compendium of Black Heart Poetry.

  • CD: NARRATIONS FROM THE ABYSS{Opvs Infervs}: $13.00
    Daemonic narrations accompanied with music of a darkened nature.

  • Magazine: THE DEVIL'S DIARY {Opvs Daemonvm}: $9.00
    From various Satanists: Essays, multimedia reviews, product reviews, art, poetry, interviews, infernal rites, fiction, seasonal greetings, & Black Earth adventures.

  • Data disc: SHADOWMANTIVM Archives {Opvs Draconvm}: $13.00
    Released on Friday the 13th: Archival & Expanded presentation illustrating essays, multimedia reviews, in a psychodramatic format and horror-oriented style. Inquire for ordering information.

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  • Art Book: THE SHADOW GALLERY {Opvs Tenebrae}: Visions from The Shadowside featuring a plethora of Satanic Art complete with descriptions for your nefarious contemplation.

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