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Satanic Education

I have successfully transferred DVD to VHS, and will be submitting a copy of a "Satan tape" I compiled for Psychology of Religion class, at the request of the instructor to learn more about Satanism. Contents include Satanis, The Church of Satan Interview Archive {a marvellous compendium of interviews with prominant Satanists made available by Magister Paradise}, and Satanism Today Volumes I & 2, a splendid collection of educational resources about Our Religion, displaying everything available thereon, including directing the interested viewer to Our online sources and literature. I may include Speak of The Devil when it is brought to DVD format one day as well, if they wish to know more about Our Founder's personal relations. This is a perfect time of year for it too, considering that it is in the Halloween season when the teacher puts together an amusing presentation for the classroom, decorating it to spook specifications. Cobwebs on the wall, a mechanical hanging bat, some skulls, a skelaton, gravestone plaques, haunting music, and documentaries dealing with "evil", "possession", and Satan. For that day, it seems he touches on just a glimpse of Our World, as does society in their amateurish spectacles. If this initiates conversation, I would be pleased to speak on the subject, as I have done previously. It is gratifying that I Am able to contribute to the educational repertoire of the subject's course, and will hopefully clear up many of the misconceptions the students may hold about Our Church, as well as enlighten those who seek actual knowledge about Our doctrine, then they can go and purchase The Satanic Bible and read it for themselves.


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