Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Vampire Baphomet I & II

Vampire Baphomet II by ~DBlackthorne on deviantART

Description: The Baphomet stylized to fit the symbol of long and strong life, The Ankh. Since ancient times have the archetypal Lords of Darkness been represented as Vampire Gods.

The Black Flame of Satan crowning The Vampire God represents The Life Force, Chi, Ka, prana, taken to enhance cycles of endless rejuvenation of the flesh and mind.

The Black Fangs represent predation upon the slavish human herd where the life force could be better served with The Vampire, who remains at the top of the food chain of existence.

The omniscient Wedjat, Udjat, The Eye of the moon & the sun, radiating its essence from within, represents wisdom and visualization, and the inner gnosis, creativity, imagination, feral instincts and evolution in the archetypal personification of oneself as the omnipotent incarnation of the ultimate god.

The horns of fertility {mental & physical} mythologically suggest Apep / Apophis, the demonic serpents framing the Black Flame; psychologically, the reconciliation of opposites into The Third Side perspective. Cosmologically, the balance of chaos and order into the whole, The All-One; entropy.

Into the realm of Lucifer, the wings represent flying forth into the ether to prey. The thought form which edifies The Predator Elite.

The trapezoid / tower remains the firmament of earthly strength, and is the realm of Belial.

Tags: aesthetics, art, philosophy, shadow gallery, vampires

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