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Two From The Vault & one from The Gallery

Ah, it's good to be a Warlock. On another foray into the black earth, I went out in search of a CD for LB, Switchblade Symphony's "Serpantine Gallery" {rather rare nowadays, as I understand}, of which there was only one copy left in the entire establishment, and quickly grabbed it up. Every time I have gone to this particular music outlet, I routinely check to see for any releases from a few of My favorite bands, I inspect to see Danzig, Deicide, and especially King Diamond, to name only three of this particular genre, as I Am incrementally supplimenting My CD collection with a necromantic accumulation of preserved recordings, and found the usual KD / MF fare, and decided to check the other end of the store for another favorite preserved on disc, and on a whim, decided to check back at the KD section again, and what I found was not there before - "Two From The Vault", which features two albums within the same CD package, and considering that these are musickal horror novels, in this case Them and Conspiracy,with the original covers included inside as well - needless to say, I was very pleasantly surprised - it seems diabolical machinations were at work here, realizing that I had wished that I had those on CD, as I already have long since had them on tape.


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