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Allure of The Vampire

Allure of The Vampire
By Corvis Nocturnum; Dark Moon Press.

Sink your fangs into this!

Allure of The Vampire by Corvis NocturnumWhat is perceived when contemplating a vampire... the elegance, charm, intelligence, creativity, and opulence; and/or the stalking terror of a monstrous fiend incarnate... it certainly depends upon the beholder, and which part of the veritable demon is envisioned. Whether characterized by cinematic portrayals or actual practitioners of predation - those at the top of the food chain, and their 'willing' victims...

The text covers the psycho-sexual sociological underpinnings of the vampire archetype in folklore and modern culture, from classic films to vamperotica, to books to music and art, including criminology case histories, as well as blood fetishists in the gothic subculture. BDSM, Dom/sub dynamics, pain and pleasure, which are often a combination of these factors.

Among many more, covered are historic personages Vlad The Impaler Tepes {and the legends spawned of his warrior exploits}, the excesses of 'Blood Countess' Lady Bathory, the revealing motivations behind Bram Stoker's Dracula, eponymous Anne Rice's beautiful creatures, the libertine lifestyle of Lord Byron, Joseph Sheridan LeFanu's revolutionary and stimulating Carmilla, and the zietgeist of Bela Lugosi's and Christopher Lee's depictions, along with the performance art of Theatres De Vampires, Vlad & Sky, and Anders Manga are discussed.

What really sets this book apart from the plethora of biographical literature commonly available are the insightful observations offered by the author, based upon actual experiences and coalescing with those who actively inhabit this gloomy underworld. Interesting observations are offered by several individuals fascinated with this veritable "devil as a gentleman", as well as those deeming to personafy this image and personality, also including the profitable business of merchandising this proposed horror icon. Also notable are relations of various medical conditions contributing to the historical traits and development of these tales.

The cover features goth model Don Hendrie of 'Mad, Mad House' fame, and is filled with illustrations enhancing the entertaining reading style throughout, providing for much delightful contemplation. Also included are extensive informational sources and multimedia recommendations by the author.

Appropriately arriving shortly before Halloween, Allure of The Vampire provided for some delightful amusement and food for thought, which is appreciated throughout the year. Highly recommended for those hungering for an indulgent overview of the genre. ∞

Tags: books, erotica, halloween, literature, multimedia review, satan's scroll, sex, sexuality, sinemaerotica, vamperotica, vampires

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