DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Night of The Owl

XXVII Nights of Halloween


The 'omni-bird'. Connotes wisdom. Represents the omniscient Egyptian God Thoth. Harvester of Knowledge. Indicative of noctural curiosity & occult revelations. Night vision. Characterized with a far-around turning head. Learning from all sources. Dark, forgotten, &/or lost mysteries found, & reaped.

Tags: blackthorne theatre, dractober, halloween, infernal progeny, movies, satanimation, spechtreum, videos

  • Duskening

    S ATANIC S ERENADES When the sun sinks into Hell You can see the pitflames there Upon the horizon for all to see ψ Creatures of…

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  • 7/7/1777

    M ALEFICK M USICK [Begins :54]

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