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Night of The Serpent

The XXVII Nights of Halloween

Film review:
Jaws of Satan
Christina Applegate, Kim Perry

A film capitalizing on the nefarious reputation of the serpent as representative of The Devil. The snake demon manifests as a giant cobra making its Lair in a nearby cave, commanding his minions across a small American town, terrorizing the residents, until a priest goes forth to combat this adorable monster, much like countering a Vampire with a cross gingerly removing a female human sacrifice from a stone altar erected by a snake cult long ago.

Somehow, utilizing an iconographic representation of a main archetype to portray a primary villainous character does not quite work in this sense, and would have perhaps done better to present a weresnake instead, or a horned demon altogether. Of mentionable note, I did detect a young Christina Applegate who encounters a snakeling in a broom closet.

Unfortunately, this movie is not worthy of its title, and perhaps a remake can be produced with a serpent as A manifestation, not THE manifestation of the villain. 3/5.

Mytheological definitions:

Snakes carry the wonderfully demonic reputation of being 'evil incarnate'. In the Judeo-Christian bible, it has been tagged as the form the devil takes. Because o its split tongue, it has been called 'the father of lies', as identified with Satan. It has been the source of many a restless night --- & day. Its hissing & slithering attributes have been the focus of many a horror-tale, as most people never really seem to outgrow their innate fear of them... & for good reason --- a cold-blooded predator with venomous fangs is the perfect villain!

This slithering nemesis has also been considered as a great positive symbol in many non-christian cultures. Egyptian artistry frequently shows the serpent as representative of wisdom, craftiness, beauty, & grace. The Serpent-God 'Apophis / Apep' is a glorious & wrathful deity wielding satanic authority amongst the pantheon of divinities.

And then there is the Midgard serpent of Norse mythology, brother to Fenris, & son of Loki, who are deemed to wage war against the gods of Valhalla at Ragnarok --- a veritable doomsday!

So remember, never judge a book by its cover!

The Green Reaper says: It's about time, boy! §

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