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Night of The Spider

The XXVII Nights of Halloween: Night of The Spider

{All manner of insects & creepy-crawlies}

Spiders have long-since been associated with nefarious overtones. A legend goes thusly: If one finds a spiderweb spun upon their door, it betokens a resident thereof shall soon die.

Ancient brew concoctions have, at one time or another, included the black widow as a key ingredient for evil purposes, & arachnophobia is a common fear among many --- just the very sight of this eight-legged, quad-eyed demon invokes nervous shrieks, accidents, & even nightmares, in some cases.

Another insect, the locust, has been associated with evil also. They are said to be the secondary armies of Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies. They attack crops in order to starve villagers who anger the Dark God. They fly in swarmed legions, overshadowing the sky, noising their wrath with the deep hummings of impending doom.

The Scorpion holds a viable fear for many as well.

8:44: They're Creeping Up On You...

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