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Night of The Zombie...

The XXVII Nights of Halloween: Night of The Zombie

Zombie/Living Dead/Re-Animated Corpse/Skelaton/Skull/Mummy
Commercial Halloween identification with "Frankenstein" & 'The Mummy'

Humanimalkind's obsession with death, & the control thereof, is evident through these representations of mortality. The very thought of regenerating life into the dead! Resurrection from lethal situations is a constant fascination.


The zombie of voodoo legend is said to return from the grave merely hours after last rites. With sacred powders of revival {goofer dust}, witchdoctors sprinkle them upon lifeless cadavres, using them as slaves for their diabolical purposes.

The zombie is also quite aptly comparable the Christian-type, the blindlighter, who "gropes for things celestial, while creeping to their graves".


Skeletons have always pervaded the world of twilight. They are the frightful symbols of death, that send a message of warning to the living. Live life to the fullest now! For "Life is the great indulgence, & death is the great abstinence". Spine-tingling tales of fleshless corpses dancing amongst the tombs have been told in differing variations for centuries. Death, the flame-eyed Grim Reaper, is often depicted in a black cloak, wielding a fearsome, gleaming, blood-sprayed sickle in its skeletal hand. It is Azarael, the Death Angel, who collects souls, but preceeding him, is Mikael, who holds the sword which separates the 'soul' from the flesh.


Skulls betoken conquorance for tribal communities around the world. The craniums of their enemies serve as reminders to all those who should unwisely attempt to intercede in their affairs. Decapitated heads have been held aloft proudly in many mighty regiments, as they pillage the land. Skulls are widely used in magical ceremonies pertaining to the dead, & necromancy. It can be seen on everything from pirate flags & poisonous substances, to to ancient funerary heiroglyphics. In many cultures, including Satanic {as a memento-mori & decorative piece}, it is considered a beautiful object, & it has even been worshiped, such as in the Aztec culture. A skull made from pure transperant crystal was uncovered in an excavation. Apparently, the priests kept the people in line by cleverly manipulating the object to present a wrath-of-the-gods-type of intimidation. The "Gods", as it were, were the priests themselves, cleverly operating the 'divine' cranium through amplified echoing voices, & prismic light effects, passing off their desires as the 'holy will' of the deities.


Within the Egyptian pyramids, the well-preserved, mummified bodies of kings have been hidden in sacred-secret chambers, untouched by modern human hands until fairly recently. When they were disturbed, the forboding curse placed upon its door by ancient Egyptian sorcerers {"Death shall come on swift wings to those who disturb the sacred tomb"} came into full effect. The ones who shamelessly upset the dark gods, & their earthly sovereign representatives, were exterminated. They all met with a premature demise, in rather bizarre circumstances.

Recommendation: Ceremonies & Celebrations with an Egyptian or Aztec theme. May also include cultural foods of that nature.

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