Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Night of The Wraith

The XXVII Nights of Halloween: Night of the Wraith


'Tis a wailing apparition who haunts the countryside. Listening to its spellbinding song can drive one completely mad. It floats outside windowsills, staring vacantly. A misty white light in the graveyard, a passing chill, a whisper, a transperant form in a mirror, characterizes the etherial banshee. 'Tis sometimes vengeful, & other times sorrowful "lost soul". It is said, that the only way to put them to rest, is by claiming their revenge upon those who did them the fatal misjustice. Wherever it ventures, its cries betoken imminent disaster. It is also said that suicides may result in such a lingering excarnation.

Perhaps so-called "Ghosts" may also be impressions upon an environment. When someone in life followed certain redundant routines, their electro-magnetic emminations cause a cycling effect in the area frequented.

Still in other instances, poltergeist activity has been conjectured to be the result of pubescent adrenal outpourings upon the environment, resulting in spontaneous kinetic manifestations, such as objects flung across a room, rappings, & objects disappearing from one location, & reappearing in another. However, from personal experience, such kinetic abilities may be harnassed, focused, & utilized, when a situation merits so.

Memories, homages, tributes, & commemmorations for those who have inspired you, & ancestors. Solemnity, & a day of contemplation. Read, view films, listen to music relating to them. Incense & candles will be burned in their honor by their portrait.

Tags: blackthorne theatre, documentary, dractober, halloween, horror, movies, paranormal, parapsychology, supernatural, videos

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