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The Lycanthrope...

The XXVII Nights of Halloween: Night of The Werewolf

{Commercial Halloween identification with "The Wolfman"}

Symbolizes the emergence of the humanimal with its animalistic roots. The predator-beast. The Id. The Werewolf may be compared with Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde. The scientific, analytical, scientific side of the human personality is temporarily over-ridden to give full flow to the bestial, mundane core of the individual. This night shall be celebrated on the night of the full moon.


The "Hellhound" originates from Greco-Roman mythology, known as "Cerberus", who guards the entrance to the underworld Hades. It is typified as enormous, extremely ferocious, & possessing three heads.

The Baskerville Demon Hound

Then there is the English legend of the Baskerville Demon Hound who howls & stalks in the misty moores. Its calls travel along the cool breezes of the evening air, sending shivers through many a wayfarer {meal}, who unknowlingly ventured out into its dominion after dark. [continued below]

The Jackal

Another hellhound is the jackal. Associated in Christian mythology with Satan. It rips the remainder of flesh from the decomposing carcasses of previously slaughtered animals.

The Harpie & The Gryphon

Other half-human creatures besides the werewolf, have included the harpie, the eagle-woman. Waist up, she is a well-endowed lady. Waist down, an eagle with sharp talons, & wings upon her naked back. She was said to guard an extravegant treasure. In order to gain a key to the chest, one had to solve a nearly impossible riddle. If one failed, she would devour them.

Her cousin, the gryphon, is a strange apparition as well. It is a hybrid. Part eagle, part lion --- two of the most glorious, & powerful predatory animals in existence. [continued below]

The Minotaur & the Centaur

The Minotaur is the guardian of the Labyrinth. A man from the waist down, & a bull waist up. His weapons of choice are the club & the spear. Anyone who confronts him, & attempts to capture his bounty of riches, is said to fall victim to his poisonous arrows.

His cousin, the centaur, a great bowman, is human from the waist up, & steed from the waist down.


Cursed by Hera, wife of Zeus, Mudusa, a gorgon, is a mutant of detestable appearance. She is said to have a headful of snakes, & the ability to turn intruders in her temple into stone, by the power of her evil eyes. Many warriors array her subterranian kingdom as trophies.

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