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The Satanic Rites of Dracula

The XXVII Nights of Halloween: Night of The Vampire

Film review:

A perfect combination of a vampire movie and Satanic thriller, Christopher Lee makes another memorable appearance as the fiend of the Night. There is quite a plan behind this particular world domination. Dracula recognizes the power of viruses, thereby commissioning a "defrocked" scientist to develop another 'black plague' to decimate the earth of its living inhabitants.

The dark disciples involved are essentially "The 4 Horsemen of The Apocalypse" who will bring about mass destruction.

Blood Rituals, foreboding ceremonies, in which the hoary hosts of Hell are summoned, and a black altar upon which a nude virgin reposes ever so seductively, at The High Priestess' bidding, a beautiful round black Baphomet table, around which the cultists gather is present here - in sort of a "Knights of Satan" manner.

The Satanic Rites of Dracula is an 'occult' classic that should be in every Satanic horror fan's collection. - 5/5.

Sociological & Mythological History:

{Commercial Halloween identification with "Dracula"}


The Vampire bat has been synonymous with The Darkside because of its voracious appetite for blood. Its dubious diet has given it an enemy position amongst common humans & cattle. It attained its malevolent vampiric name when Spanish Conquistadore Hernan Cortes, witnessed the blood-sucking mammal sapping a cow --- thus, combined with European legends of the vampire, the name stuck. Its netherworld dwelling has additionally attached a demonic relation also, since 'Hell' was thought to be underground by many primitive societies, the gates being the dark caves of its home, where their Lord Camazotz dwells.

As legends continued to develop into many varied forms, all that was perceived as evil became associated with the carnivorous winged rat.


Indeed, its cousins, the rat & mouse, have enjoyed much malenomen as well. Most creampuff-types jump at the site or mention of their names. Because of this, they were thought to be demons who specialized in feeding off the progressive fear & hysteria effeminates experience. Some were said to shock their victims to such an extent, that they were said to humanize in form, taking advantage of women's vulnerable, delerious state of mind {as drawn by some artists}. Old wife's tales tell that rats & mice were also said to chew the toes off of unattended newborn infants & little children {probably done as a preventative measure for young inexperienced mothers, & as a scare-tactic for children}.

The Striges & the Dashnavar

The fore-runner of the legenday vampire is known as the striges. It is a demonic bird-like creature, resembling a harpie, who steals little children from their cradles, drinks their blood, & eats their flesh. It is of pagan origin, a sort of ghoul, or hobgoblin, from which some of the habits of the vampire are derived. Sometimes thay appear as beautiful maidens or dashing gentlemen, seducing their prey, & as also likened to an incubus or succubus. Through pleasures & sweet delights will fatten one up, with the intention of devouring the flesh.

Then there is the Dashnavar, an Armenian mountain-spirit, which proportedly has the propensity to suk the blood from the footsoles of travellers, until they expired.


In several noble families throughout Eastern Europe, a unique disease developed called Porphyria, a particularly vicious form of anemia, which, even in its rarity, would afflict those of blue-blood birth. Because these families would would marry within the strict confines of the relation-circle, DNA irregularities would not be uncommon. So cryptically-secretive were they when an overtly-obvious deformation would sprout in a child, that many times they were locked away in hidden chambres, never to see the light of day, for fear that their family name would be tarnished. In some starnge isolated occurrances, one would have the despirate compulsion to rink blood. Because of an enzyme deficiency, of which, at the time, was abated with naught but blood, these afflicted were driven to prey on animals, & sometimes, the country-folk. Although the popularized fangs were not a dental factor as many stories of the day have glamorized, the blood was drawn by more conventional means, such as with a knife, or syringe. Thus, the comparison of the vampire bat with those persons, & vampire lore. The words "werebat", "sanguisuga", "nosferatu", & "vrykolax" in different languages, were later applied to them.

Vampire Hunters

Peasants had a full-proof way of disposing of these blood-suckers. When enough witnesses attesting to a sighting were collected, the local magistrate would be informed, who would order the body of the suspected vampire to be exhumed. They would mob over to the graveyard, in search of a certain departed individual, who was said to have been roaming the town after dark, terrorizing their families by their visitations. More often than not, when the corpse was unearthed, to everyone's astonishment, it was as fresh as the day it was interred --- the skin was healthily pinkish, the luimbs were flexible, & no rotting stech emitted. It was observed that even the shoes were muddy, which was proof that they made their walk. When pricked by a dagger, warm fresh blood flowed from out of the wound. The Magistrate would then order it to be decapitated, heart removed, & all burned to ashes.

Vlad "The Impaler" Tepes

In the Carpathian mountains of Transylvania, Romania, spreads the undead legend of one Prince Vlad Tepes, called "Dracula" {son of the devil}, & "voevod" {monsterous tyrant}. Within his province in his castle at Poenari, many now legendary atrocities took place. Branded "the impaler" by enemies, because of his inventive technique of defense & prevention, which was the impalelent of invaders, it was effective & intimidating to rival kingdoms. He would spike the bodies of living prisoners of war, criminals, & taraitors, through sharp stakes which protruded upon the outskirts of his kingdom, called most appropriately, "the field of the impaled". Hence, the relation of the stake tool of vampire hunters.

It is said he had an unsufferable temper. It would not take much to offend & enrage this cruelly noble leader. So critical with his some of his subjects & criminals was he, that they would often end up in the dungeons, suffering excrutiating torments at the hands of his well-trained dungeon-keepers.

He was also quite a prodigious lover of women.

Even unfortunate visitors were sometimes relegated to the shrieking halls of blood {see Interview With The Impaler}.

As gypsies & other folk have done, myths & legends crawled forth from creative imaginations to form the entertaining terror-tales of nightmare fane enjoyed today.

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