Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Visitation...

While at Satan's Hollow enjoying the sights, scents, and sounds of this blessed Night, I was surprised and delighted to be visited by a rather large black spider decending a few inches from Me, seemingly greeting Me and joining Me in My appreciation for the Nocturne. So now this makes for three unexpected visitations from different creatures - first, a pair of humming birds just before the Noctuary relocation {which are said to mean travel and love}, then a cat reposed on the wall laying there, accompanying Me, perfectly comfortable; and now this impressive arachnid. As a result, I initiated some research on the subject of spider folklore, and was pleased to see that this is considered a good omen - the one that particularly stood out to Me, was that it supposedly betokens impending wealth, a reward, good fortune, and favorable weather {overcast}.

"An encounter with a spider foretold weather changes [1-6, 24-28], arrival of a guest [8], bad or good news [9-11], or appearance of a hidden enemy [15], but also (which is surprising) this event was most commonly regarded as a harbinger of financial [7, 14] or other [12, 13, 18] success. In addition, a person who crushed an encountered spider could even expect to be pardoned from forty sins [17]. It over a quarter of all cases (eight out of 30 listed superstitions) an encounter with a spider betokened luck, gift or profit, i.e. was considered a favourable event.
Sometimes, the colour of the spider was considered important for the forecast of an event: an encounter with a white spider was potentially favourable [18], whereas to meet or see a red or black one foretold trouble. Traditionally, Russians associate the colour of white with notions of good hopes and cleanness. However, a black spider could also be a sign of good tidings or a letter [10]. To dream about spiders or their webs was usually considered a troublesome event [21, 22, 29]. And to eat a spider was clearly to be avoided [20, but see 23].
It is interesting to notice that most of the reported superstitions seem to describe either orb-web spiders (Araneidae, and likely Tetragnathidae) or other spiders building a web, as spiders are usually described as descending from the ceiling [8-11, etc.], hanging above a head [12] or hiding (probably in retreats) [1]. Actually these spiders are big enough to be first encountered in the garden or on/inside the izba (a Russian peasant hut). Spiders positioned above a bed [18, 19], curtaining over icons [17], or simply living inside houses during the winter time [2, 3], are likely to be pholcids. When the flying webs are mentioned [24-28], araneids are almost certainly involved.
Only one superstition dealing with the burrowing lycosids [23], which are still commonly known in present-day Russian villages (e.g. Lycosa singoriensis in Siberia), has been found. It is noticeable that "poisonous" in this superstition [23] means "dangerous to man"; Russians usually consider all spiders poisonous. Another interesting fact is that the Russian word "tarantul" clearly (and without exceptions) corresponds to the large burrowing wolf spiders, and not to the true tarantulas (the mygalomorph spiders) as in Western countries."

"Superstitions About Spiders

Spider is the "money spinner"

1507 When a man fyndeth a spyder upon his gowne it is a synge to be that daye ryght happye.

1594 If a spinner creepe uppon him, hee shall have golde raine downe from heaven.

1662 When a Spider is found upon our clothes, we use to say. Some money is coming towards us. The Moral is this, such who…. Imitate the industry of that contemptible creature… may by God’s blessing weave themselves into wealth and procure a plentiful estate.

1732 Others have thought themselves secure of receiving Money, if … by chance, a little Spider fell upon their Cloaths.

1780 Small spiders termed Money-Sinners are held by many to prognosticate good luck if they are not destroyed or injured or removed from the person on whome they are first observed.

1816 A spider descending upon you from the roof is a token that you will soon have legacy from a friend."
"Superstitions about spiders and their web:

Spiders hide when bad weather is in prospect and vice versa.
In winter, if spiders actively weave their webs, run backwards and forwards, fight with each other and hang on new threads, it means that there will be a cold spell in nine to ten days.
In winter, if spiders hide, there will soon be a thaw.
In summer, spiders do not build new webs or destroy old webs in the face of rain or storm.
In summer, if spiders build new webs or restore old ones, this forecasts a change to better weather ("doing the spiders' best" means a fine weather).
In summer, if there are no spiders in sight, it will inevitably be raining; if there are a lot of spiders in sight, one should expect fine weather.
Discovering a spider on clothes betokens a profit.
If a spider descends from the ceiling in front of someone, there will be a sudden guest or unexpected good tidings (a letter, money, reward, promotion, etc.).
If one comes across a descending spider in the morning, there will be sad news.
If a black spider descends from the ceiling, one will get good tidings or letter.
If a red spider descends from the ceiling, one will get troublesome news.
If a spider drops onto someone's head, that person will get a present.
If a spider drops onto a hand, this betokens a money profit.
If a spider drops onto the table during a meal, this signifies that the household has got a new secret enemy.
If a spider drops onto a threshold, someone will die.
One who crushed a spider will be pardoned from forty sins, since spider webs curtain over the icons.
If a white spider has its dwelling above a bed, there will be luck.
If a black spider has its dwelling above a bed, there will be misfortune.
If one eats a spider, one will suffer from dropsy or tumor in the stomach.
If one dreams about a spider, there will be a litigation.
If one dreams about killing a spider, it betokens a loss of money or a precious thing.
Sheep eat the poisonous "tarantulas"; other animals either die or suffer from lengthy illness when bitten by these spiders."

"About the spider web:

In summer and autumn, if a flying web sticks to a man, he will get rich.
In autumn, spider webs flying forecast fine weather.
If spider webs creep, there will be a lengthy spell of fine warm weather.
If there are lots of webs in spring, the next autumn will be a good one.
If there are lots of webs in autumn, the next spring will be a warm one.
If one dreams about cleaning a house from spider's web, this signifies changing a habitation.
Web is considered one of the best wound-healing means if put on a freshly wounded place."

Update October 9th, XXXIX Anno Satanas: The hairy fellow returned tonight, and displayed his remarkable ingenuity. I take a cup of ice coffee with Me to Satan's Hollow, and the condensation creates a wet spot where the cup was placed; well, it seems that the spider was thirsty, for as he scurried back up his web, I noticed a moist leaf whereupon My cup had stood, being taken up with him to quench his thirst - now that is just brilliant.


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