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The XXVII Nights of Halloween

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The XXVII Nights of Halloween
Mythology & Legends of Magic

The following list are the days & nights of All Hallow's Eve. From the 18th of October to the 13th of November. Thirteen nights leading up to Samhain, & thirteen thereafter. In cycling revolutions, & in no particular order, each night is dedicated to a particular animal of darkened fane, or of a likewise mystical countenance. Enchanted animals & insects may ideally be deemed familiars. All of the following celebrations shall be celebratory occasions unless otherwise stated.

Present the appropriate likeness of the creatures in a prominent position of the celebration place, as not to forget the purpose, & the honored guest of the night. On All Hallow's Eve, all persons attending shall bring one or more gifts each, to place at the foot of The Exhaulted One {the creature shall have their form recognized in a major position in the room. At its base shall the gifts be lain, to be opened on Halloween night after the Sorceries, & during the celebrations}. Gifts may be dedicated to individual members, or for the benefit of the group as a whole. The order shall alternate from one Halloween to the next {the first shall become the last, & the last, the first}. Along with the names, shall be a brief story & explanation. In the spirit of Halloween, celebrants may don costumes appropriate for those evenings.

The following constitutes the collective archetypal structure of the boogie-man. These are those mysterious things that go bump in the night...

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