Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Vampire Lovers

The XXVII Nights of Halloween: Night of the Incubus/Succubus


Night of the Demon-Lover. According to legend, the female succubus demoness, & the male incubus demon, enter the dreams of those who would dent their sexual ventations. This is rampant in convents & monastaries. Priests & nuns fall frequent victims to these voluptuous & rapturous creatures, sapping them of their "pure mind & heart". Virgins, frustrated spouses, & occult backsliders are also prime targets. Wet dreams have been blamed upon them as well. Some wake to find their sheets torn, as with sharp claws. Upon regular visitations, they become increasingly more aggressive, driving their recipiants to a subconcious compulsive demonization, thus manifesting their symptoms of 'possession' in waking hours. Such as spontanious, unmonitored motions, which drive the victims to commit uncharacteristic deeds relating to sex, causing them to feel consuming guilt & even depression, sometimes remorse, which are the demon's greatest weapons of manipulative destruction, as through suicide & self-sado-masochism. During the dream-penetration, the 'mortal' will have their mind in another 'dimension' {which victims of sexual abuse frequently recount, as in the sensation of 'floating above themselves', which has since been identified as a neuro-chemical reaction to stress & trauma, as the brain lapses into a protective mode, sometimes causing memory-loss}. Upon orgasmic culmination, the 'demon' reveals its grotesque & horrible visage {which is a projection on the part of the dreamer --- the demonic form being akin to the 'evil' aesthetic of their particular culture & religion}.

Since then, these "visitations" have also included the alien & U.F.O. phenomina. Same principle, different aesthetic context.

Demonic Numerology

On some occasions, Christian scholars came up with an erstwhile "method" behind the madness. It was conjectured that these 'demons' injected other demons into the wombs of women & the souls of men, who in turn, would possess their minds, speaking through them on occasion. Numerical equations were devised to record their populations. They all dealt with the number six. 666 demons thrust into their bellies, which formed a 'kingdom', including Arch-Demons, greater demons, lesser demons, guardian demons, & familiar demons into their souls. One soul equals a kingdom {666 demons}. In the infernal province of Hell, there were 666 X 6 devils, which made 443, 556. Upon each new soul turned to 'sin', 666 more demons were added --- the 'purer' the soul possessed {the closer to "God"}, before becoming demoniacally possessed, the stronger the demons were within them. Using this diabolical plan, Satan was thus able to increase his number upon the earth, until one day it would outnumber that of Heaven's, & then the black legions would finally prevail in conquoring mankind's world once more, since it was given to him in 'The Garden of Eden', which was said to once belong to The Devil.

The Devil's Concubines

In some accounts, The Devil himself would take a mortal mate. The testamonied women & girls, including nuns, throughout history, have reported that his semen is cold, & his passions unrivalled. Unlike the incubus, however, there is marvellous foreplay involved. They allegedly gave birth to his children, demons incarnate, who were said to quickly ascend into the higher ranks of rulership, through their unnatural intelligence & charisma. Stealthily, ingeniously, they maneuver their father's will into action.

Purpose & Definition: Night of sexual revelry with mate &/or lovers, including auto-erotica. Demonic costumes worn by those playing the role of demons {dominants}, & light colors worn by the 'victims', or 'angels' {submissives}. Priest & Nun roles may also be acted out.

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