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The XXVII Nights of Helloween: Night of The Demons

* Also see Curse of The Demon.


Demons, whether considered literal beings, or representations, have traditionally stood for all that is destructive & harmful to humanity. Some see them as ill-intentioned spechtres who delight in the upheaval of the lives of mortals. Described in stories as having horns, tails, & cloven hoofs, they are said, in Christian mythology, as bing the inhabitants of Sheol {Hell, Hades, Tartaros, Gehennah}, who gaily torture the "sinful" for eternity in a lake of flames. Once in awhile they are said to momentarily leave their fiery abodes, to roam the earth & inhabit people, a sort of vacation, to enjoy a little demonic funwith the most satanic of humour, which is the gradual deterioration of their host's body, mind, & soul. It is said by "exorcists", that sometimes, they engage in "spritual combat" with exorcists, who, contrary to entertaining plays of horror, would most often die in the ordeal. These people were most likely lunatics who enjoyed pulling the wool over people's eyes, getting a cheap thrill from the confronation {for elaboration, see Exorcism & Posession}.


Superstitiously, gargoyles are idols which can bestow good or bad luck. An ancient legend goes, that when moonlight shines upon the face of a gargoyle, it comes to life, causing great mischief, rather like a gremlin, or embodies a sentinel, protecting the castle, mansion, or church upon which it roosts, all depending upon its disposition. These are often seen atop cathedrals, & other gothic structuresvomiting forth rainwater. They are supposed to be warnings to the "unrepentant" of the ghastly spirits of Hell that awaits them.

In the counterpart Chinese legend, they were said to be created by the gods to drive away evil spirits.


Others see demons in a more mundane light, referring to them as sicknesses, emotional/psychological traumas, & plagues. The Black Plague is said to have been one of their most triumphant accomplishments, as the dark hordes rampantly possessed the bodies of the human majority. The demon called Leprosy ravaged, & still ravages many throughout the earth, in centuries when needed medicines {angels} were unavailable. Ironically, given the fearful propensities of the masses, new concepts & inventions were always feared, being attributed to The Devil {see Divine Madness}.

Another demon, cancer, infiltrates bodies still also. Even the common cold was said to be the fault of a lesser-demon, or imp. Influensas afflicted only those who had not been in faithful accordance with the church's dogma, becasue the imp {cold} grew into a stronger malefik {flu}; the person must have committed, or was in the process of committing some secret 'sin'.

Even mental conditions were blamed as the evil work of devils, or The Devil. Epilepsy & Downe's Syndrome were long considered a demonic possession & ancestral curse; as a result, many innocent individuals were murdered by a bloodthirsty, & a psychologically, scientifically, & medically ignorant Christian society.


Demons have also represented recurring negetive emotions & memories that return to haunt the psyche. Natural emotions such as hatred, grief, & agony. One's own concious was considered a demon or an angel, as depicted in stories where a devil sits upon one shoulder, & an angel on the other.


In a semantic definition, demons & devils may be used as representing philosophies & lifestyles; iconoclasts representing the rebels of a prevailing society, religion, or secular philosophy. Attempting overthrow & putting a thorn in the side of the establishment. Repeatedly, the thorn may eventually grow into a lethal stake, finally succeeding in overcoming the reigning political or religious giant.


According to legend, evil demons are always inferior to the good old gods. Realistically, in order for anything to exist, there must first be darkness. Before anything is created, there is empty space & darkness ready to be filled with color & content, which will eventually return to itself, when undefiled wisdom is attained. Therefore, darkness {Nyx/Mother Night} is the parent of light {as in enlightenment, NOT blindlight!}, for without her dark loins, light would not be perceived. Light is a utilization, whereas darkness is a foundation. Both can be used in harmony with one-another, to balance the delicate equilibrium of Nature & evolution.

Purpose & Definition: Night of Blasphemies. To desacrate the symbols of the invaders' religions. A return to the Satanic. Also called "Black Mass night". The anti-sanctimony --- Devil's Advocate Night. Night of The High Court, when the foolosophies & idiotologies of the blindlight are exposed for the jests they are --- serving as entertainment for the group this night. {see The Tower of Myths; The Devil's Scroll}.

Suggested Activities: Films &/or plays that mock the blindlight, in all its manifestations. A good night to take in some scientific documentaries, on evolution, & the examination of the blindlight faiths, in all its manifestations. This night can be likened as an April Fool's Day. The impish quality of this night & day to show through practical jokes & joyous frivolity, at their expense. Excellent for the implementation of those cruel gags you've been waiting to use.

Other Suggestions: Burning their literature is a justified recourse, & a payback for their many bonfires since the Dark Ages. A pinata in the form of their god/s may be used {see The Nazarene Pinata as an example}. As their innards spill forth, ghoulishly gobble them up, or fill the pinata with their literature, then burn it.

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