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The Four-Crown Queens of Helloween

ShadowgramDescription: Reflective of The Four Crown Kings of Helloween*, I considered that there should be a female counterpart to these archetypal characterizations.

These descriptions are not necessarily indicated for physical dimensions {see The Satanic Witch}, although there are some general similarities, but more so in personality characteristics.

  • Vampira {Satan / Fire}: The formal Progenitor of this 'look', the veritable "sexy witch / vamp". Physique cinched tightly at the waist, creating a 'martini glass' effect, an inverse trapezoid ascending to present a 12 o'clock-like range appearance. Chiseled feminine appearance. Dominant personality.
  • Morticia Addams {Lucifer / Air}: Matriarch of The Addams clan. Thinnish hour-glass physique in skin-tight form-fitting dress. Elegant mannerisms and charm. Multi-talented artist, musician, writer.
  • Lily Munster {Leviathan / Water}: Like the great sea, she demonstrates a primarily compassionate nature, although fierce when she has to be, Lily is a caring mother and wife, graceful and flowing.
  • Elvira {Belial / Earth}: Earthy, bawdy, sense of humor; quite the seductress with a whimsical erotic nature. She will not have any master above her, with fierce independence; she wants her own Las Vegas show. Also, she is most prominent during the Halloween season, thus, Season Belial. ∞
Ladies of Darkness by Sabrina Parolin

* Dracula - Air/Lucifer, Wolfman - Earth/Belial, Frankenstein - Fire/Satan, The Creature - Water/Leviathan.

Tags: addams family, art, dractober, elvira, halloween, lily, morticia, munsters, shadow gallery, vampira

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