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The Return...

BATHORY: The Return...
The Return...

Sex, Satan, Metal, Sin, Death!

The harvest moon glows eerily in the darkened sky, Lucifer's gaze through the misty night upon the black earth, emminates a haunting and comforting rapport amidst the cold autumnal nocturne. Dancing shadows upon the walls depicting images of balefire ceremonies, growing into grotesque apparitions fortelling impending doom...

REVELATION OF DOOM veritably sounds like a microsphone lowered down into the depths of The Abyss, and besides makes for an appropriate infernal meditation, to place one "in the mood", as it were, establishing that nefarious atmosphere which betokens the presence of diabolical projection. TOTAL DESTRUCTION is an apocalyptic tale of omni-annihilation to bring forth a renewal of stronger and more evolved elements. THE WIND OF MAYHEM comes forth from The West, filling one with Strength and Passion - it whispers your name... BESTIAL LUST lets loose the Satanimal Beast in a Satantric frenzy. POSSESSED invokes the demon within to surface; THE RITE OF DARKNESS invites you to participate, holding a black candle at a point in The Pentagram, and thus usher forth the denizens of the void to reclaim the earth and its inhabitanats. REAP OF EVIL contains marvellous poetry of the classic darkened fane; SON OF THE DAMNED, infernal progeny, thus prepares to ascend the earthly throne. SADIST manifests the cruel master ready to grant pain and pleasure...; THE RETURN OF DARKNESS AND EVIL concludes where Revelation of Doom began, with a veritable doomsday prophet inunciating the terrible fate of the human race.

This album radiates the impression of those arcane phrases haunting in the air, the echoing vocals, the eerie quality brings pleasure to My ears - at once mesmerizing, and inspiring towards feral expressions from the darkest recesses of the imagination. This album is one of the original "Satanic epic" creations, along with Venom's "At War With Satan" opus, which set the anti-xian mythology to optimum psychodramatic proportions. Each and every song is a masterpiece of Black Metal composition, like opening up an olde musty book from some dusty cobwebbed shelf, only to unleash the horrors within. Wave after wave of sonic bliss. In My opinion, it is only a small bit 'better' than the first, only in that the sound quality is improved, for the first was recorded using a small Yamaha amp due to monetary limitations, so The Return really delivers Quorthon's potential in veritos. It is said that The Return was recorded in a church to capture that certain reverberating embience. The Return...' is itself a portal to the Underworld - the Abyss of the Psyche - so as the CD case is opened, so are The Gates of Hell...

Track List:

"The REVELATION OF DOOM comes forth from Hell, fortelling of TOTAL DESTRUCTION upon those who were BORN FOR BURNING as THE WIND OF MAYHEM blows to revitalize the Legions of Darkness and infuse with BESTIAL LUST, that they may be POSSESSED and serve as The Gates of The Abyss to unleash The Ancient Ones through THE RITE OF DARKNESS, that we may REAP OF EVIL, the carnal delights and spoils of War, as we are the embodiment of the SON OF THE DAMNED and the SADIST, as we welcome THE RETURN OF DARKNESS AND EVIL upon the world forever more..."


30th September, XXXIX Anno Satanas: "From Pits of Pure Damnation... Satan rise!" Yes, "The Return..." has arrived this overcast day, in the wake of the Harvest Moon, which seems strangely appropriate, considering the moon on the cover of the album. And it indeed is everything I expected of it


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