Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

XLIV Coffin Rust Halloween print

Coffin Rust Halloween print #5

Delightful night chills caress the skin as an arm stretches forth to collect the Hell Post, and what does Sam Hain bring forth this evening? But Warlock Byrd's wonderfully evocative Halloween print! Surely a pleasing adjunct to the most Magical time of the year!

I really enjoyed #1 for the black cat which reminds Me of My very own Nero; #2 for the imaginative value of the branches behind the werewolf spelling out the Halloween Greeting; #3 for the sheer intricacy of the piece, especially the jar occupied by "Byrd's Brain"; #4, for The Exorcist is always a favorite; and #5 for its charming and rather profound meaning regarding Infernal Progeny perspective.

Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, a description, and the artist's personal nom-de-plume, the print is presented elegantly on photo glossy stock, with the vibrantly gloomy colors coming to life before one's contemplative eyes.

If you wish to possess this latest piece, #31 is still available on ebay to grace your Lair for year-'round complimentary appreciation. ∞

Tags: art, halloween, the black earth

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