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Halloween Dreams

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Truly, the most beautiful times of the year are the Autumn and Winter months for Me, but I Am partial just a wee bit more to Autumn, with its leaves in shades of brown, yellow, orange... the blackened skeletal trees thrusting up into an overcast sky, the chilling wind, the harvest moon... Besides, some of the most interesting artifacts are more readily available now, and the world seems, if only for a season, transformed into a delightful work of darkened art - granted, Halloween is all year for Me, and I do most of My decorative shopping through mail-order from obscure sources, plus that which is hand-hewn, the "Black Arts & Witch Crafts" as it were - yet outside the window one can see and feel the change in the environment, as one looks amusingly towards the societal reflections herein... such wonderful evocation. The smiling and scowling images, the joyful Jack O' Lantern in his eternal rictus, the flickering black candles, the sounds of laughing children at play, the ominous soundscapes, and the scents of incense and baking confections, the visible energy in the atmosphere, the glimmer in a dear loved one's and beloved familiar's eyes, and those things that go bump in the night. Such Magic fills one to the brim, inspiring sublime meditative introspection - the grace is all-pervasive, as shadows form shapes in the darkness...

Strength Through Joy. It feels like Halloween again...

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