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Addams Family Reunion


Addams Family Reunion
Tim Curry, Daryl Hannah, Alice Ghostly, Nicole Fugere, Ed Begley, Jr.

Addams Family ReunionThe fourth and most current Addams Family production {taking Halloween with The Addams Family into consideration} based on this prototypal Satanic Family unit, was sadly disappointing in several respects, despite the viable plot, of which so much more could have been done. Probably the weakest point of the film was the casting, which will be addressed later on in the review.


The Addams Family receive an invitation to join other members of The Addams Clan for a reunion, thus the title, only a misprint serves an invite to the wrong persons - a single mis-spelling of "Adams" instead of "Addams". So Gomez decides to take the family thereunto, in the hopes of finding a cure for Grandma and Grandpa Addams, who have suffered an unfortunate bout of irritating normality-disease; so off they go to meet a gaggle of sun-worshipping foos whose common and programmed lifestyle inevitably clashes with the charming Addams personalities.

At the "reunion", The Addamses predictably demonstrate their superior traits, talents, breeding, and skills in an attempt to socialize with the pretentious and bereft lot, from bowling to tennis to ping-pong to darts, excelling in all, thus frustrating the plebeians at every turn, while confusing their myopic little minds along the way with that precious uncommon psychology which is both relative and always Satanic. One particular member of the herd, "Phillip Adams" {Ed Begley, Jr.} becomes so incensed, that he actually challenges Gomez to a duel at one point, which unbeknownst to him, just so happens to be one of Gomez's forte's; so of course Phillip loses, which drives him into a veritable madness, and he thus eventually realizes his place.

The passionately spicy and romantic dynamic typical of Gomez and Morticia is considerably minimized in this presentation, as is Gomez's French fetish and subsequent plethora of adoring kisses, is not addressed and completely excised here, which was yet another disappointment, despite the highly-spirited dance scene. However, I did enjoy the fact that Gomez simultaneously fences with an opponent while blowing a kiss at his bride. He seems the perfect Devil as a Gentleman.

During their absence from The Addams Manse, Grandmama {Alice Ghostly} graciously remains behind and meets with two rotten normals who, along with the rest of their ilk, seek to scavenge from the will of their wealthy Grandfather, and through an address confusion as well, deem to withstand the Addams Lair, much to the amusement of Grandmama, Cousin Itt, and the resident alligator. Another character which makes for a worthy addition to the Addams Tribe, is Walter Adams {Ray Walston - whom you may recognize from "My Favorite Martian"} who, while sporting an unexpected Mohawk courtesy of Fester and his hair-munching demon-dog, berates the parasitic cluster with some well-deserved indignation, which makes for quite an entertaining segment, who then proceeds to escort the true Addamses back to The House.


Tim Curry as Gomez: Curry does manage to make the Gomez character work quite well, and may serve as a worthy replacement for Raul Julia, although the British accent was a bit daunting, for Gomez is after all, a Spaniard. A good choice, considering Curry has marvelously played very animated villainous characters. Although I also happen to hold the opinion that John Astin could still portray the Addams Patriarch with flourish.

Daryl Hannah as Morticia: A really terrible casting placement. Hannah seems unable to express the subtly morose Morticia Addams personality, instead demonstrating a representation virtually devoid of personality at all, with hr attempted deliveries just falling flat. She really just looks like a blonde in a black wig; and a blue-eyed Morticia just does not work at all. A Morticia with Scandinavian features becomes distracting; and besides, in a somewhat more minor though noticeable point, she shows TOO MUCH FOREHEAD. She ultimately comes off as wearing a Halloween costume, instead of portraying the regally stoic Matriarch of the gloriously gloomy Addams Legacy.

Patrick Thomas as Fester: Not a worthy Fester at all in my opinion. He seems here to be rather puny in stature, displays little to nothing of his pyrotechnic skills. or fascination with Mideival torture devices, and with the small exception of being electrocuted in an electric chair, there is minimal display of his sado-masochistic proclivities; and his voice as well is just not quite high and shrieky enough. Festers thusfar have been much more robust and "big-boned" with more of a 9 o' clock frame, whereas here, he seems more of a 6 - 7 o' clock physique. This actor radiates the impression of Curly from The Three Stooges.

Carel Struycken as Lurch: Very well cast, though just a bit on the scrawny side since his appearances in the previous two movies; traditionally, Lurch has a solid 12 o' clock frame, a-la Frankenstein. Plus. I do not think for a second Lurch would sun-bathe, although his noble deed of rescuing that ungrateful and processed silicone creature was more in his character being a kind-hearted servant, even if he did develop an infatuation with it.

Alice Ghostly as Grandmama: In a Bewitched / Addams Family crossover, I was delighted to see Alice Ghostly {whom you may remember as the bumbling "Aunt Esmerelda" to Samantha Stevens}; she here portrays Grandmama Addams quite well in My estimation, as yet another Witch. Well enjoyed in both roles.

Nicole Fugere as Wednesday Addams: Pretty well cast with the correct attitude, although her clothing seemed a bit too "costume"-like. Of note, Ms. Fugere also played Wednesday in the short-lived re-adaptation of the television series "The New Addams Family". Her lines could have been better written, and lacked imagination, which is a waste of her obvious talent.

Jerry Messing as Pugsley: Again, pretty well cast and in this case, more likened the original portrayal from The New Yorker comic strip as the generously portly depiction of Pugsley.

Cousin Itt {Phil Fondacaro}: A very minor role with only a couple of appearences, though it would be quite difficult to cast this character negatively.

Thing {Christopher Hart}: Poor dear Thing valiantly withstood the effects of the lightmare, and had to quite literally "cool off" in a bucket of ice! And I know how that is. Like Cousin Itt, he has a very minor role, and is only seen on a couple of occasions.

Grandpa & Grandma Addams: In the general vain of Marilyn Munster, these two suffer from the temporarily debilitating disease of normalcy, and begin transforming the inspiring Addams Household into a disgustingly bright anti-environment. Of note: John Astin made appearances in The New Addams Family as Grandpa Addams, playing the role with a splendidly infernal vitality.

I also enjoyed that marvelous mailbox, a beautiful design; and Am always amused by the reaction of the mailmen. Overall, Addams Family Reunion gives the impression of being sort of a "Halloween After-School Special" which has its moments, but unfortunately does not live up to its full potential.

Rating: 3/5.

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