Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Dark Temptation...

Axe 'Dark Temptation'

I was recently gifted with this scent, and surprisingly, despite the commercialization, I found it to be quite pleasant, actually complimenting one's own. Instead of completely obscuring the natural emanation, it seems to enhance the primal olfactory allure, allowing for pheromones to flow with a rather musky sweet combination. It seems to blend very well with a combination of other scents as well, like leather, coffee, and even smoke. Even sweat seems to bring out its 'spicier' elements.

It is advertised as "chocolate", but quite honestly, not much of that is detected - instead, it seems to be more of a musky vanilla if anything - and very "incensy", as it were.

I became curious about the product, and found that a "mascot" character was created for it - a very content "chocolate man" attracting others in a veritable 'cannibalistic' feast; I suppose to lend the impression that it smells so good, they seem 'edible'. From personal experience thusfar, I can say that it definitely contains a gratifying semblance of that effect. In My opinion, the Satanist could definitely stand to benefit from this item.

Overall, great name, great scent, great results. ∞

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  • Tags: black earth, dracumentary, product review, sex, the satanic warlock

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