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The Devil in The Penthouse

The Devil in The Penthouse
XLIV A.S. Review of Penthouse October '09 issue

"Take that which tempts whenever you can!" - Magus Anton Szandor LaVey, The Satanic Bible.

FEATURE: Devil’s Advocate - Inside the Church of Satan where sin is a sacrament and all manner of sexual activity in sanctified. By Bob Johnson

Penthouse XLIVIt seems most appropriate that our esteemed organization is featured in the October issue of Penthouse in this ninth year c.e. After all, The Church of Satan has duly been the subject of salacious publications in our history, like Hustler and Nude Living, among several others, and it is always a pleasure to gratify the intellect as well as the libido.

Herein, we see a magnificent illustration by Coop generously gracing the article's introduction, demonstrating a devilish gentleman in the midst of ritual with a writhing buxom vixen upon the Altar {which in itself would be a most desirable acquisition!}.

Conducted by Magister Bob Johnson {Old Nick}, interviewees accordingly discuss Satanic sexuality, and fetishes, with participants including Magus Gilmore, couples Magister Lang & Magistra DeMagis, Magister Coop & Ruby, Bryan Moore & Heather Saenz {Arkham Studios}, Christopher Mealie & Stephanie Crabe, Lex Frost, and Corvis Nocturnum, each with intriguing relations and personal dispositions, overall revealing that Satanists are honest with our carnal indulgences, at one with our carnal nature, welcoming mutual pleasures whenever desired.

Speaking of buxom vixens, also included is a panel featuring a provocative teaser-interview and titillating photo of the voluptuous Marilyn Mansfield:

  • Sex & The Satanic Model. Quite the pleasingly risqué reward on both counts!

    Overall, this issue in particular is an absolute must for collectors of Church of Satan history, which will easily prove to be a collector's edition; and otherwise those who appreciate intellectual contemplation to accompany one's sensual fare.

    Of course, besides the seductively-rousing spectacles throughout, Penthouse also contains various other articles of interest:

  • "Halloween Howl - The hottest costumes for this year’s parties" by Christine Colby. Looking for sexy fetishistic outfits? Shop the Halloween aisles! For use all year 'round!

  • "Hot for Words - If more English teachers looked like this, we’d all have Ph.D.’s in literature" by Marina Orlova. Hot for teacher! Makes the learning process even more interesting! Will you be asked to stay after class? Extra-curricular activity, indeed!

  • "The Fursuit of Happiness - A Neverland-like utopia for adults who don’t want to grow up" by Harmon Leon. An amusing spotlight on a silly subculture.

  • "Bedtime Stories - 'Dirty Sexy Money,' erotic fiction from Life on Top" by Clara Darling. Mammon in the bedroom! She loves the scent of musk and money!

  • ...and of course, The infamous Penthouse Forum!


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