Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Crown of Horns

Anton LaVey Horned Cowl
{Akuma Productions. Received: 9/3/XLIV}

The Crown of Horns...

The Crown of HornsWhat is this upon the front doorsteps of Blackthorne Manor this Magical September afternoon, surrounded in flints of blowing leaves by wisps of a curling breeze; but a package from Akuma Productions containing no less than a perfect replica of Dr. LaVey's horned cowl!

Manufactured as a gesture of honor to Daemon Szandor on the day of observation, the High Holiday of his personal birthday {4/11}, the cowl served as a staple in early Church of Satan rites seen in various documentaries, and Satanis in particular. Unique and making a most striking statement as the veritable incarnate devil, sorcerers have been depicted throughout history bearing the skullcap of the trade, and with the addition of the cornus {the widow's peak, and/or if so inclined, the demonic bird of prey's beak; ergo, 'Lex Talionis'}, affirmed the Crown of Horns unto symbolic self-deification. Majestic horns of virility, strength, upthrust to affirm independence!

Highest quality, and adjustable to fit just about any head*, the neoprine resembles a light though sturdy rubber material, leather-like, smooth and shiny black on the outside, cool with an almost slightly adhesive texture within; the highly-detailed vertically striated horns are treated with a blood-wash rinse during molding, which adds to the bone effect even more so, and the black suede leather ties work perfectly to keep the cowl firmly on without manipulation.

When I first heard of this creation as part of 'The Lords of The Left-Hand Path' collection, I immediately knew it had to be a part of The Haunted Noctuary's possessions, now taking its honored place for The Rites of Darkness, which seemed such a natural devilution to integrate. ∞

Aesthetics: 5/5. Quality: 5/5.

* Even though well-deserved, we know how huge Satanists' egos can sometimes be!

Tags: black earth, dracumentary, possessions

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