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Blackthorne Productions Gallery

Now accepting Customer & Contributor Photos!

To those who have purchased Blackthorne Productions merchandise: As an option for further exposure of your projects/profile, and Pride, please send in photos of yourself with the item/s acquired.

  • Along with being featured herein the Customer Photos Gallery and/or The Shadowmantium, your sources of preference will be listed at your discretion.
  • Imagination is encouraged. Be as dramatic as you like; the product should be clearly visible.
  • .jpg & .gif files are accepted.
  • Personal commentary on the merchandise is also an option. Relations of experiences, impressions, etc.
  • Please send images and/or commentary to

    Thank you for your attention!

    Hail Satan!

    ~Warlock Blackthorne.

    Tier Instinct with The Devil's Diary XIII

    "The Devil's Diary is a diabolical publication that I enjoy devouring a few times a year. Sinister inclusions from a variety of Satanists that range from thought provoking essays, devilish poetry, frightful film reviews, notorious interviews and much more await the reader inside each issue. The Devil's Diary is a must have for the collector and a treat for any Satanist."
    - Citizen Tier Instinct. In Through This Devour.

    Goldilox with Satanic Serenades

    "'The morning of Magic has come!' ... and indeed it has! Satanic Serenades is a delight that every true Satanist will enjoy. The Black Flame burns within even more so while having this book in One's magical hands...."
    ~ Goldilox. Topless Witches Calendar.

    Mimi Daeva with The Devil's Scroll 1st Edition
    Mimi Daeva with the first edition of The Devil's Scroll.

    Gina Ambrosio with The Devil's Scroll

    "Created by the extremely talented, knowledgable, & creative Church Of Satan Warlock Draconis Blackthorne (Devil Incarnate) - The Devil's Scroll - An abyss of arcane knowledge for those whom have the wherewithal to grasp the magic within this book you shall be perpetually empowered & rewarded by The Devil's Scroll as it rips the skin off of white light religionists lies & envelopes you in the unassailable wisdom of many truths!!.....I'm infernally aligned by this great book!!...I absolutely love it!!! Hail Satan!!"
    - Gina Ambrosio, drummer for Blasphemic Cruelty with The Devil's Scroll.

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